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Safari and African Area Rugs

Safari and African Area Rugs

Safari and African area rugs will grace your floors with dazzling animal prints and tribal motifs. Explore a breadth of colors, sizes and shapes to find beautiful safari rugs for your home.

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Animal Print Rugs for Safari-Themed Decor

Layer safari furnishings over animal print rugs, or exhibit them out in the open for a little feral finesse. Our safari and African area rugs bring the striking patterns of animal pelts and tribal designs to your decor. Let a round rug emblazoned with spots emphasize your circular coffee table, or bring bold, graphic appeal to your front hall with a striped rug runner. Safari rugs supply a menagerie of sizes, shapes and color options, so you can bring Serengeti style to any room.

Mix and match animal prints for a fun, eclectic look in your African-inspired decor. Our animal print area rugs feature fierce motifs, such as tiger stripes, cheetah spots and leopard rosettes. Or, if you desire a more docile appearance, choose a rug embellished with giraffe spots or zebra stripes. Temper your African rugs with solid-color furniture and home accents, to avoid overwhelming your space with too many patterns.

Animal Print Area Rugs & Rug Runners

With our safari and African floor coverings, you have much more than animal print rugs at your disposal. Give your African-themed decor a contemporary edge with more abstract patterns. Tribal motifs in earthy hues, including beige, espresso, eucalyptus or khaki, will grant a nuanced charm to your surroundings.

Find an area rug that will accentuate the specific space you wish to decorate. A safari jungle print round rug will liven up a square entryway or some curvy furniture, while a rectangular rug looks quite fashionable among similarly-shaped furnishings. Choose a sleek rug runner to grant a staircase or hallway a continuous, eye-catching motif. Pinpoint the ideal rug for any room by selecting your preferred range of sizes.

Explore our safari and African area rugs for a floor covering that will invigorate your decor. Whether you want to provide a stunning focal point in the living room or just cushion your bedside, these area rugs will grant a wild touch to your jungle-themed rooms.