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Metal Sculptures

Metal Sculptures

Go for a bold, dimensional effect with metal wall art decor and sculptures. Finishes from metallic gold to handpainted pastels will give your display a striking edge.

Add a dainty sensibility with metal flower wall decor, or seize attention with abstract wall sculptures. With subjects ranging from safari animals to tropical trees, these artworks are sure to transform your surroundings.

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Framed prints and canvases are certainly tried-and-true, but what if you're after something bold, unexpected? After all, an unusual piece of art can completely transform a room.

For example, picture a living room with warm beige walls and earth-toned upholstery. Hang a sunset wall sculpture over the sofa, and voila! Suddenly your decor evokes a calming nature scene right inside your home.

Or, envision a sleek white space with gray curtains, a black leather settee, maybe a tomato-red accent chair off to the side. Just hang some abstract artwork, and watch as it takes this clean, neutral aesthetic into a more contemporary mood.

Dimensional and eye-catching, metal wall art decor and sculptures rise to instant stardom in any room. If you're starting fresh, you can introduce colors and other elements from your artwork into rugs, vases, or pillows. Otherwise, try to find something that builds on your current look.

What if your look is a relaxed cottage vibe? Gingham print and wicker textures reach full bloom when you throw in florals. Metal flower wall decor, for example, will appear to blossom before your very eyes. Accentuate the deep reds and soft greens of a metal rose spray with a plaid rug in this same complementary color scheme.

But what if you're drawn to modern design? Fortunately, metal lends itself well to more futuristic themes, so you're free to create your own little contempo gallery wall. Abstract metal wall sculptures feature mesmerizing geometrics and metallic finishes. Set it all off with simple furnishings, like a slim coffee table fashioned from reclaimed wood.

If you're in need of a more lively touch, however, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything more spirited than animal metal wall art. Birds will flit high over your headboard in glinting shades of gold, silver, and indigo. Add to this sense of flight with airy, billowing curtains in the bedroom.

Coastal creatures, from seahorses to fish, as well as parrots, giraffes, or herons can each add a different inflection to your decor, whether you're going for American coastal or a faint African influence.

Browse wall sculpture decor for all manner of subjects and finishes, from brilliant bronze to hand-dyed blues, and come away with something truly eye-opening!