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Touch of Class

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Modern Table Lamps

Modern Table Lamps

Shop geometric table lamps, mercury glass table lamps, and much more, when you search our selection. Modern table lamps will streamline your space with contemporary motifs and vogue colors like bronze, silver or pearl.

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Modern Table Lamps for Visual Impact

Geometric table lamps will bring a vogue vibe to your room. Shop our modern table lamps, and illuminate desks, nightstands and other surfaces with brilliant lighting. Angular contours and bold graphics make each lamp a dynamic statement piece. Let metallic lamps create a clean, industrial appearance, or turn to earthy shades for a more natural ambience. A mother of pearl table lamp exudes light-hued elegance in your bedroom, or you can try a glass table lamp for a sparkling, translucent quality. Browse our contemporary table lamps, and brighten your entryway or living room in a stylish manner.

Come across a wide assortment of styles, when you shop our modern table lamps. If you enjoy a pieced, artistic look, go for a mosaic table lamp. Multicolor pieces grant a chic touch to these intricate lamps. A mother of pearl table lamp showcases an off-white, pearlescent mosaic motif, while a jeweled lamp combines jewel accents and rectangular resin shells. Geometric shapes make for a bold look, as does a stacked lamp shade on top. Or, you can rely on smoky glass embellished with wispy designs to furnish an attractive form to your lamp.

Classy Contemporary Table Lamps

Find a mirrored table lamp to add some dimension to any space. With reflective, crystal-clear pieces adorning the font, a mirrored tile table lamp is the embodiment of modernity. To get a luminous, silvery shine, choose a mercury glass table lamp instead. A robust, earthen aura can be achieved with a glazed ceramic table lamp; allow beautiful colors of teal, brown, moss or indigo to inspirit your surroundings. You can also find metal contemporary lamps for accents that exude gravitas. Finally, use a table centerpiece to spruce up a nearby coffee table.

Peruse our modern table lamps for abstract designs and intriguing structures. Although used to lighten your room, these table lamps ultimately serve as radiant works of art anywhere you place them.