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Rooster Kitchen Collection
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Rooster Kitchen Collection

Strut your stuff with rooster kitchen decor, including floor mats, canisters, sculptures, and paper towel holders. Beautiful jewel tones of golden yellow, red, blue, and green will liven up any look.

Find rooster-patterned rugs for the dining area or adorable shelf sitters for the baker's rack.

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A pinch of rustic farmhouse style is a surefire recipe for a breathtaking kitchen! Browse rooster kitchen decor for accents depicting this proud and vibrant ruler of the roost. Best of all, the many colors present in his plumage can be worked into other aspects of your decor, such as window treatments or a tablecloth.

Start by laying a folksy foundation for your table. Rooster kitchen rugs, whether round, runner, or rectangle in shape, depict cockerels amongst grapes, apples, and other luscious fruits. Unite your rug with the tabletop using a centerpiece in similar hues. How about a brick-red pitcher filled with wildflowers? Or a trio of tin can candleholders spray-painted an ivory hue and spruced up with burlap?

Naturally, you can also work smaller accent rugs into areas such as beneath the sink or stove. For that extra ounce of luxury, pick out a mat cushioned with memory foam, and your rug will conform comfortably to your feet. A rooster in jewel tones prances across the face, accentuating the colorful towel hanging over the oven handle.

If your table itself could use a little finesse, go for intriguing table linens. Rooster placemats bring a Tuscan vibe to your tablescape. To avoid venturing too far into "kitsch" territory, forego more roosters for a vase full of sunflowers.

But what if your exact purpose is to fill your kitchen with rooster everything? It may not be every decorator's cup of tea, but you're calling the design shots. You can certainly make a kitchen chock full of chickens work on an aesthetic level.

First, find table runners patterned with florals, diamonds, and roosters. Hues of straw, red, and blue bring a country splash to your surroundings. Then, top it all off with a rooster statue in a gorgeous solid antique red, to ensure there aren't too many competing colors.

Set your sights higher still, and make sure to soften your window panes. Find rooster kitchen curtains in the form of a lovely set of tiers. Light cream with dark red designs, these treatments will pick up the red canisters arranged against a tastefully-tiled backsplash.

Perhaps you're merely looking for something to enliven your walls. In which case plaques, paper towel holders, and plate sets make for excellent rooster wall decor. You can even keep track of time in the kitchen with a rooster clock. This wooden timepiece, portraying a tawny rooster in a barnyard, is just what you need to complement your rural retreat.

Whether you're a fan of French farmhouse style or just crazy about roosters, you're sure to find decor worth crowing about!