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Contemporary Metal Wall Art Sculptures
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Contemporary Metal Wall Art Sculptures

Browse an on-trend selection of contemporary wall art, including abstract designs, geometric motifs, and sunburst arrays. In color combinations like black and red or silver and blue, these cutting-edge pieces will transform any room you introduce them to.

Plus, shop unique pieces from JasonW Studios(R) that cater to one-of-a-kind looks with a modern edge.

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Whether you're a fan of eclectic styles or geometric designs, you're certain to find a piece you adore amongst this collection of contemporary wall art. Perfect for living areas with hairpin tables, floating shelves, and abstract rugs, these works of art have a way of completing a trendy outlook.

Start by singling out a color that really makes the space sing; a combination of bold red and jet black is a popular choice for a cutting-edge vibe. Pick out a metal wall sculpture featuring a collage of stainless steel frames and rectangles in just such a color scheme. A bright red vase on a multi-level coffee table is particularly chic, blending seamlessly with the pigments featured in your wall art above.

Or, cool things down with blue abstract art instead. A trio of whirlpools crafted from plated steel brings hues of brushed silver and dyed blue into your bedroom. Display this sculpture high over a pallet bed, then let a few toss pillows capture the scintillating cool tones high above your headboard. What's more, some of the contemporary works by JasonW Studios(R) feature coordinating rugs that you could use to anchor your bed and unify the entire room.

Looking to open up a cramped area as well as add an artistic touch? Find modern metal wall art with mirrors that reflect light and visually amplify a room. Hanging over a console table in the entryway, a round mirrored sculpture captures the candlelight flickering from black block candleholders. Or if you're steering your decor in a more eclectic direction, choose artwork that only appears to be made up of several pieces. A series of earth-toned discs unify in one sculpture, a modern take on the decorative plate wall. You could also hang a sculpture set in the stairwell for an intriguing gallery feel.

Your living room is one of the more visible spaces in your home, so displaying the right piece of art is key. If your space is feeling a bit stagnant, for example, you could liven up stark chairs and lifeless furnishings with unusual wall art. Find a five-piece set of steel panels featuring a tree silhouetted against a myriad sky of copper, aqua, and gold. Beneath a piece this dramatic, your white sectional and black pillows look infinitely more interesting.

Modern wall art for the living room can also lend a sense of movement, leading the eye across the room from one point of focus to another. Why not show off a piece of modern abstract wall art featuring metal strips that curve majestically in different directions? Let the sweeping motion steer your eyes toward an interpretative sculpture on a stand nearby or perhaps a wall ledge lined with minimalist objects.

However you intend to work one into your own look, you can rest assured knowing your modern wall sculpture will make a noticeable and breathtaking impact on your surroundings. From gingko leaves to geometric shapes, explore a wealth of subjects and styles that will encapsulate your tastes perfectly.