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Thermal and Blackout Curtains

Thermal and Blackout Curtains

Find thermal curtains as short as 45" long, or go for an 120" length in the master bedroom or great room. Thermal and sun-blocking curtains can help conserve energy, reduce noise, or even regulate room temperature. Browse colors from burgundy to sage green and designs like vibrant florals, tropical leaves, and geometric prints.

To help block out light and drafts, the Block Out II Wrap Around Curtain Rod is ideal.

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Tweak your window treatments until your room has just the right lighting, temperature, and noise level. Sun-blocking curtains are a great help if your west-facing window gets bombarded by sunlight in the evenings. Likewise, panels with thermal properties can help cut down on energy costs, since heat can escape or invade your home through your windows.

Wondering how to go about finding the right panels? It's as easy as considering what sorts of problems you're wanting to tackle.

  • Too Much Light: Ever had to contend with annoying screen glare when you're just trying to enjoy a movie? How about struggling to get some extra shut-eye on the weekends, only to be awoken by sunlight trickling in around your curtains?

    Room darkening drapes are the answer if you don't wish to completely eliminate the natural light. This is fine for when you're just trying to dim the living room enough to enjoy your show. If you're a day sleeper, however, or you're furnishing a nursery, blackout properties are probably more your speed.

  • Too Much Noise: If you happen to live on a busy street, then noise-reducing curtains are your best bet for a more relaxing time at home. These can be either thermal or blackout panels and will usually include a blurb about "reducing outside noise" in the product description.

    Generally, a foam back or multiple layers of fabric will help to absorb the sounds outside your window, ensuring an uninterrupted night's sleep or simply a quiet night in.

  • Rising Energy Costs: Looking for a way to cut down that energy bill? Your windows, among other things, could be partially responsible for the loss of heat in the winter or cool air in the summer. Insulate them with panels boasting thermal properties, and you'll conserve more energy than you would with an average pair of drapes.

    Best of all, these panels are useful without being utilitarian. Find thermal grommet curtains just perfect for a casual yet contemporary ambience. Or, exude a carefree vibe with thermal tab top curtains in light cream or white.

Complement charcoal-hued walls and svelte black furniture with a pair of burgundy panels. Or, let green thermal curtains spruce up your bedroom, the sage color echoed in the accent pillows on your bed. However you choose to decorate, rest assured your room will finally be comfortable as well as visually-pleasing.