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Animal Metal Wall Sculptures

Animal Metal Wall Sculptures

Wildlife metal wall art includes fish metal wall sculptures, bird metal wall sculptures and even zebra metal wall sculptures. Shop our selection for a variety of animals, including dolphins, heron and horses.

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Peruse Horse Wall Art, Bird Wall Decor & More

Showcase wildlife metal wall art in your home, and let your favorite animals frolic on your walls. If you're partial to coastal creatures, flaunt dolphin and fish wall sculptures alongside shell-framed mirrors. Southwest themes, on the other hand, are well-served by metal horse wall art. Combined with sun wall sculptures, galloping horses add to the untamed atmosphere. Evoke Serengeti sights with safari animal wall sculptures, or let heron wall sculptures take flight over your breakfast nook. Recreate an exotic environment teeming with life, and hang animal metal wall sculptures in bedrooms, living areas and entryways.

Zebra Wall Decor, Metal Bird Wall Art & Other Animal Art

Populate your own African savannah with zebra wall decor. A quirky metal wall sculpture featuring four openwork zebras looks ravishing above a safari bed ensemble. You can also find a zebra metal wall sculpture depicting one lone grazer among bright green foliage. Or, transform your wall space into a marshy landscape with metal bird wall art. A heron metal wall sculpture graces your vignette with this balletic bird. Show off diminutive denizens with sandpiper wall sculptures, or display bigger beach inhabitants with seagull wall sculptures and pelican wall sculptures. Finally, fish wall sculptures and dolphin wall sculptures will join your coastal wall clocks and plaques.

Conjure more of an Eastern influence with peacock metal wall art. This breathtaking bird spreads his jade-colored, teardrop-shaped plumage. For warm, golden hues, however, choose a tiger wall sculpture or even a cheetah wall sculpture. Resplendent in tawny colors, these agile cats will enchant onlookers. Finally, a giraffe metal wall sculpture boasts a heat-flamed hand finish for a smoldering appearance.

Discover horse wall art, fish wall sculptures or even bird wall decor that will revitalize your space. Whether you're an animal lover or just want to include the inhabitants of a beloved setting, animal metal wall sculptures will liven up your indoor exhibit.