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Small Wall Sconces
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Small Wall Sconces

Search our small wall sconces for a bold, space-saving light fixture. With finishes from Venetian gold to polished copper, these luminaries flaunt scrollwork, capiz shells, fleur motifs and much more. These wall sconces are 15 inches tall or less.

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Discover Small Wall Sconces

Small wall sconces offer all of the decorative appeal of their larger counterparts, without consuming as much space. Search our assemblage for modestly-sized sconces, and whip up an attractive yet restrained wall arrangement. Combined with accent mirrors and photo frames, a small wall sconce pair adds a semblance of symmetry. Address limited space above your fireplace mantel with two smaller sconces, and position a horizontal mirror, framed artwork or family portrait smack dab in between. Survey our collection for a finish and design well-suited to your unique decorating purposes.

Revel in a fashionable finish with our selection of small candle sconces, and arrive at a color that suits your environment. Antique gold will saturate your vertical vignette with an age-old pigment that echoes a distant and decadent past, while Venetian gold lightens the mood with a soft, sophisticated shade. Our many variations on brass, including polished brass, antique brass and satin brass finishes, will greet your eyes with a cheerful luster. If you prefer a darker hue, polished copper, dark brown or bronze will provide a sonorous shade to your wall presentation.

Small Sconces with Captivating Designs

Discover a ravishing motif, when you decorate with small sconces for wall areas. Despite their more manageable size, these luminaries nonetheless pack quite a punch. Our tealight and votive sconces offer a whimsical glimpse with rooster and sailboat-shaped light fixtures. You can go for a more somber atmosphere with leaf embellishments, open florals and wrought iron scrolls. For a look that skirts the border between distinguished and fun, flaunt colorful capiz shell accents or elegant swirl motifs, and make your new sconces truly stand out.

From taper candles to pillars, votive candles to tealights, you'll find a small sconce to display your favorite type. Mirrored backplates, hurricane glass globes and openwork designs all serve to bring just a bit more interest to a small wall sconce.