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Decorative Candles and Lanterns

Decorative Candles and Lanterns

Discover a coastal flameless candle, an LED candle lantern or a flameless candle set, when you shop our LED candle holders and candles. From blue to gold, our LED and Ribbonwick® Candles will enrich your display.

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LED & Flameless Candles for Dazzling Displays

A coastal flameless candle will grace a gathering place with a gorgeous, worry-free flicker. Displayed on an accent table, a blue LED candle embellished with seashells adds to the oceanic atmosphere. Faux birch LED candles, on the other hand, conjure more of a rustic setting. Surrounded by pine cones and bear table sculptures, these flameless candles will help bring a log cabin theme into being. You can also find Ribbonwick® Candles with mesmerizing flames and captivating scents. Shop our LED candle holders and candles, and grace your home with unconventional lighting.

Encounter candles that create just the sort of presentation you have in mind. Our color changing flameless candles allow your candles to change pigment at the mere tap of a button. This option works well for decorators seeking versatility and a fresh look with little commitment. Flameless candles with remote controls will turn off and on, glow for a set amount of time or adjust their flame flickers, depending on which button you press. Utilize this option when you want a quick and effortless way to create some mood lighting.

Shop LED Candle Lanterns, Candle Holders & More

LED candles with flickering flames can complement traditional decor with their heavy drip accents, or they can lend an aromatic boost with honeysuckle or ocean fragrances. LED candles provide a peace of mind and will turn off as specified, when you set a timer. If you prefer the look of an authentic flame, turn to our Ribbonwick® Candles instead. Moroccan spice, fresh linen, sea breeze or fresh spring aromas will keep your surroundings smelling pleasant and inviting. Gorgeous flames will cast your environs in atmospheric candlelight, perfect for when you want to evoke a relaxing mood.

Browse our LED candle holders and candles, and touch up your decor with an LED candle lantern, a candle set or a candle holder pair. Unveil an attractive addition to your fireplace mantel, dining table or bedroom dresser.