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Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Pick out a jewelry armoire, blanket rack, or even a vanity table and mirror set that will boost your bedroom. Furniture in finishes from pure white to windsor oak will make your personal hideaway all the more beautiful and relaxing.

Plus, curb clutter with a jewelry armoire or shoe storage bench with hidden compartments that keep your surroundings looking trim and neat.

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Finally complete your bedroom with just the right piece of furniture. Whether you're addressing a barren bedside or a lackluster dressing area, find a furnishing that goes beyond basic function, transforming your room into an enticing personal retreat.

Start by clearing away some of the clutter on your dresser or vanity. A jewelry armoire, with its various inner compartments for rings, necklaces, and more, presents an otherwise clean and stylish appearance. Go for a soft celadon finish patterned with handpainted flowers, and let these play off the lavender throw at the foot of your bed.

Are blankets and throws every bit as decorative as they are functional, in your eyes? In that case, find a wood or metal blanket rack with turned spindles or charming scrolls. These holders will show off your prized linens, displaying them like the works of art they truly are. Plus, the seafoam green or persimmon orange found in your blanket can then be introduced into other design elements—such as an accent chair or bed pillows.

If your bed itself could use a makeover, consider switching out yesterday's model for a new metal bed frame. Queen, king, or even full in size, a bed frame can add a modern vibe with its geometric designs or traditional scrollwork. Either way, a robust bronze finish plays beautifully off a light-hued bed ensemble. Tie it all together with a pale rug below the footboard.

Turn your attention now to the empty space on either side of your bed. A small bedside table or nightstand provides a place to park your reading glasses, an unusual lamp, or even just your phone. Choose a classic style constructed from solid alderwood and finished in antique ivory for a semblance of vintage romance. Then, pick out a bed stepping stool finished in a similar creamy shade, and make settling in for a good night's sleep that much easier!

Bedside drawers are also a popular decorating choice, providing surface space along with compartments for fresh pillowcases, therapeutic oils, or even just clothes you need to stash away until next season. If you don't have much space to spare, consider going with a narrow chest of drawers. Rattan baskets bring an exotic feel to your surroundings; cap it all off with a floor vase filled with pampas grass in the corner.

Finally, open up closet and floor space alike using a shoe rack with a seat. Benches featuring a pull-out compartment will stash away all your footwear, freeing up space for a rug flanking the bed. Bedroom storage furniture, every bit as aesthetic as it is functional, will bring a sense of order and cohesion to a room that needs it more than any other in your home.