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Outdoor Garden Sculptures and Figurines

Outdoor Garden Sculptures and Figurines

Extend your decorating style into the outside world with outdoor and garden sculptures. Take your pick from rabbits, turtles, angels, cherubs, Greek maidens, and more outdoor statues with astonishing appeal. Paired with flourishing flowers and a comfortable garden bench, your new artwork will make quite the statement.

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Perk up a blasé patio or humdrum terrace with outdoor and garden sculptures. Lively and colorful, an eye-catching piece will add a little personality to your exterior, taking it beyond the standard patio chairs and planters.

    Take a page from your indoor decorating, when it comes to freshening up any outside spaces.

  • Woodland Creatures and Pets: Are you partial to a cozy cabin look? How about a quaint cottage theme? Animal outdoor statues lend themselves well to decorating styles that center around nature. Place a turtle sculpture on a prominent rock near your pond for an aquatic accent. Or, welcome family and friends into your garden with a rabbit statue. Cat sculptures and dog sculptures immortalize a beloved pet from atop your porch; feature potted flowers and a whimsical accent rug for a pop of color.
  • Angels and Cherubs: Garden memorials are a beautiful way to honor the memory of a loved one. Let garden angel statues preside over memorial stones featuring Bible verses and other uplifting messages. Delicately-folded wings and flowing gowns invite you to reflect on warm memories as you rest upon a stone bench. If a hint of refinement is what you need, display a cherub garden statue with pudgy cheeks and whorls of hair.
  • Greek Maidens: If you have more of a classical theme indoors, expand on that look with Roman and Greek garden statues. Ivory sculptures depict maidens holding vessels or gazing longingly at a rose. The "wet-drapery" detailing in the folds of their clothes emulate the exquisite forms of ancient Greek art. Pair these statues with column pedestals for your planters, plus vases adorned with Greek key motifs.
  • If your dwelling resides near the water, introduce crane sculptures and mermaid statues to your backyard. Or, bring majestic grandeur to your front entrance with fierce lion statues. If your exterior rooms are looking a little lackluster, showcasing a sculpture is a surefire way to boost your surroundings.