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Touch of Class

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Traditional Rugs

Traditional Rugs

Find a black, green, or red area rug in an elegant traditional style just perfect for your modern-day home. Timeless designs and understated colors will complement your decor without making it look fussy.

Shop color schemes from blue and beige to red and gold. Rectangle, runner, and round sizes ensure you'll find the perfect accent rug—or even one generous enough to anchor your entire dining table.

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The trendiest rugs today are often patterned with minimalist stripes or abstract motifs, but what if you're after something more detailed, more enduring? You can easily tread the line between fussy and austere with the traditional-style rugs above.

Although modernized, these area rugs borrow beautiful historic elements, from Jacobean all the way to Victorian-era fashions. This way, you're free to play with timeless patterns, but you won't get bogged down with too many embellishments.

For example, the Palatial red area rug, while certainly posh, features only a central design and a border with scrolling florals. Since the pattern isn't all over, it's much easier to get away with in a modern home. A muted gold settee with a nostalgic silhouette would look perfect atop a floor covering like this. While adding bold color and a lively motif, the rug ultimately balances out alongside the subtle lines of the furniture.

Perhaps you've gone too far in the other direction, though, and you need something to shake up a bland living room. If your sofa and tables aren't particularly inspiring, or even if you need to distract from a scuffed hardwood floor, go for an all-over pattern.

Find a black area rug limned with Acanthus Vines. These leafy, wheat-colored scrolls strike brilliantly through the sumptuous, dark center. What's more, its neutral shades are in keeping with a more subdued color palette, so you don't risk upsetting the delicate balance of your room.

Then again, maybe you like what you like, and you're not too concerned with today's penchant for stark simplicity. In that case, go for old French charm with a fleur-de-lis rug. Blue and beige makes for an elegant yet restrained color palette that won't overwhelm your space. Pick up on this pretty pastel with fashion books in varying shades of blue, each stacked artfully on your coffee table.

Vintage-style rugs, as with all other styles, come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Find a slender runner for your hallway, and accent a neat procession of sconces. Or, anchor a dining table and chairs with a sprawling area rug. From 2'6" x 4'2" accent sizes to 9'9" x 13'9", you're sure to find your exact match with just the right dose of class.