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Folding Tables & Chairs
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Folding Tables & Chairs

Unveil an extension dining table that can fold out from a console to a dinner table, then add a few folding chairs. You can also find folding tables in finishes like classic cherry, fruitwood and more.

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Find an extension dining table that converts from a console table to a card table, then even further to a dinner table. Ideal for homes with limited space, a convertible 3 in 1 table can act as a game table, a laptop desk or a dining table, depending on your needs. Or, browse our assortment of upholstered folding chairs, and provide additional seating during social visits. Folding card tables are also available from our folding tables and chairs selection; pinpoint an adaptable furniture piece that you can stash away or reduce in size anytime you need more space.

If you're looking for a more permanent furnishing, then check out our Stakmore convertible tables. We offer popular styles, including traditional and Mission, in finishes like classic cherry, fruitwood or natural oak. A console dining table folds out into a card table, then a dining table, so your surface is the ideal size for a range of activities. Surrounded by upholstered folding chairs in matching finishes, convertible tables look quite fetching in your dining area.

Find an Extension Dining Table, Convertible Table & More

Scope elegant folding chairs as well so you can ensure everyone has a seat during get-togethers. Take your pick from an assortment of styles including Queen Anne, Mission, Shaker and French country. Some chairs are upholstered in lattice-patterned fabric, or you can choose a folding chair pair with vinyl-covered padded seats. Explore a plethora of finishes as well; many of our Stakmore folding chairs coordinate beautifully with convertible and folding tables.

When there's no more room at your dinner table or you need a place to play cards, go for a folding table. These furniture pieces fold flat and can be stored elsewhere when not in use. Whether you're in need of a convertible table, folding table or folding chairs, arrive at a convenient furnishing perfect for your room.