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Taper Candle Wall Sconces
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Taper Candle Wall Sconces

Wall sconces for taper candles utilize classic motifs for an inkling of antiquity. Designed to display your taper candles, these sconces offer bronze, brass and nickel finishes and exhibit scroll, floral and medallion designs.

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Browse Wall Sconces for Taper Candles

Adorn your vertical areas with wall sconces for taper candles, and put tall, slender candles on full display. These fashionable sconces, often possessing an elongated silhouette, are just the things to grant your wall space a historical vibe. Position a taper candle wall sconce on both sides of your door frame for a dramatic and mysterious aura straight from a baroque palace. Or, bracket a large canvas painting between two sconces, and craft a nostalgic atmosphere fit for a Victorian manor. Unveil a sconce with a finish, material and style adhering perfectly to your unique tastes.

A wall sconce for taper candles might offer a deep, sumptuous finish to your decor, or it might employ a soft and subdued color instead. Browse our exhaustive array for a pigment that will revitalize your indoor world. Choose bronze for a dark, resonant shade that imparts ancient elegance, or select burnished copper for a brown sconce with warm undertones. Satin brass appears pale and vaguely feminine, while antique brass exerts a more masculine influence. Finally, settle on satin nickel whenever you need a silvery hue with old-fashioned flavor.

Unveil a Taper Candle Wall Sconce

Unique design elements make our taper wall sconces into more than just mere candleholders. Discover the possibilities with mirrored back plates, and cast a reflection of glowing candlelight to instantly brighten any room. Shapely glass hurricanes, meanwhile, will shield your flame and provide an overall feeling of antiquity to the presentation. Plus, decide on a double wall sconce to showcase a pair of tapers, and create a classic and symmetrical arrangement on your wall.

Set the tone for a vintage setting with a themed taper wall sconce. Scrolled flower and ruffled bow motifs conjure a Victorian sentiment, while round medallions and shell emblems whisper of traditional times. Scope our collection for a taper candle wall sconce with an archaic essence for your modern home.