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Stained Glass Table Lamps

Stained Glass Table Lamps

Encounter a wisteria stained glass table lamp, or marvel over a Southwest stained glass lamp. Leafy foliage, tropical blooms and geometric motifs in shades like amber, lilac or green make stained glass lamps appealing.

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A wisteria stained glass table lamp will bestow an interplay of purple and green lights on your home office, or you can promote bedside serenity with a sage and blue stained glass lamp. For a vivacious energy that will liven up a bleak area, showcase stained glass in warmer shades of red, amber or orange. Suffuse your bedroom in myriad colors with a stained glass lamp for your nightstand, and create an auroral sanctuary where you can relax. In the entryway, greet guests with a leaf stained glass table lamp; let vibrant foliage evoke a natural atmosphere. Take in our assemblage of stained glass table lamps, and bring a colorful luminance to your surroundings.

Find a Tropical, Southwest or Floral Stained Glass Lamp

Although popular with more traditional decor, stained glass table lamps enrich other looks as well. Allow a nature theme to flourish, and present a butterfly stained glass lamp on your console table. Lilac and deep purple wisteria blossoms look enchanting, as do hummingbirds flitting among pastel-hued blooms. A rose stained glass lamp, meanwhile, imparts a romantic atmosphere with a rich palette of burgundy, ivory and green. For a more rugged aesthetic, turn to our Southwest stained glass table lamps. Geometric motifs and arid colors capture the essence of the desert. A Mission-style lamp lends a sturdy element to your environs, along with angular stained glass pieces in sage, amber, blue and beige.

Grant an unexpected touch to your living room with a unique design. A stained glass lamp vase offers accent lighting as well as a whimsical embellishment. Unveil a leaf stained glass table lamp with a font resembling a curling vine, or pick a tropical table lamp with a metal base shaped like a tree limb filled with birds.

Our stained glass table lamps offer an array of colors and styles; pinpoint a spectacular lamp, and refine your bedroom, foyer or media room.