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Wide Width Curtains

Wide Width Curtains

Let wide width window curtains give French doors and large panes a little extra panache. With generous sizes, these draperies create a full, polished look in a variety of colors, patterns, and other style options.

Browse designs from damask prints to tropical motifs, and if you're decorating your patio door, give our sliding door curtains a try!

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Feeling stifled by big windows with not-so-big decorating options? Once your windows go past a certain width, your choices get more and more limited, it seems, in terms of color and design. Fortunately, you don't have to settle for something plain and uninspired. These extra wide draperies have got your creative vision—as well as your windows—totally covered.

If your window is on the wider side, but you're not sure of the exact dimensions, start by measuring it left to right, from the outside edge of the window frame all the way to the other side. You'll want the combined width of your curtain pair to be at least twice the width of the window. So, a 60-inch wide window would need a curtain pair of at least 120 inches in width.

You can also shop smaller widths, such as 90-, 100-, or even 104-inch wide curtains. On the opposite end of the spectrum, find curtain pairs as wide as 160 inches, and you'll have more than enough fabric to cover a set of grand French doors.

Yet another consideration is header style. Wide width grommet curtains (as well as tab top treatments) are more in line with a casual, modern aesthetic. You might complement these draperies with a slouchy blanket tossed over your sectional, or an unusual statue placed atop a table with bold, sculptural legs.

But perhaps you're more inclined towards detail and elegance. Wide width window curtains with rod pockets are a better choice, in this case, because they lend a formal touch to your surroundings. Here, you can roll out an ornate area rug or show off an extravagant vase, and your style will look well-defined and cohesive.

With an array of styles at your disposal, you're free to decorate anywhere you see fit. Find wide bedroom curtains with macrame lace trim for some vintage vibes. Or, turn to something more dramatic, like light damask on bold black fabric. Some of these curtain pairs are designed to match comforters or bedspreads, so your entire bedroom has a striking, cohesive element.

If your windows are on the wider size, find treatments that will only add to their beauty, not detract from it. From solid colors to sunny tropical prints, these generous draperies will transport you into a whole new state of mind!