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Paper Towel Holders

Paper Towel Holders

Present a decorative paper towel holder on your wall or countertop; strengthen your theme with grape, fleur-de-lis or rooster paper towel holders, or save counter space with wall-mount paper towel holders.

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Find a Unique Paper Towel Holder

A decorative paper towel holder not only helps you to speedily soak up messes, it brings an additional layer of style to your kitchen! Check out the whimsical designs that turn these common kitchen essentials into statement pieces. Vibrant roosters, grape clusters and fleurs-de-lis make these paper towel dispensers a perfect fit for your themed kitchen. Proudly display a resin or metal paper towel holder on your countertop, or conserve space with a wall-mount paper towel holder instead. Whether you want a clean, utilitarian look or something more extravagant, find a paper towel holder that will complement your kitchen.

Draw inspiration from the French countryside or the rolling hills of Tuscany; a rooster paper towel holder brings a rural earthiness to your kitchen, as well as transporting you to an exotic European destination. Perched atop a basket filled with apples, grapes and peppers, a colorful rooster guards your paper towel roll. You can also flaunt a paper towel holder featuring a russet rooster. On the other hand, a fleur-de-lis paper towel holder conveys the extravagance of a French palace. Bronze or antique gold finishes will lend antiquated elegance to your countertop.

Discover a Countertop or Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

From the vineyard to the beach, let your favorite location manifest itself in your kitchen. Grape paper towel holders showcase ripe clusters and green leaves, or you can evoke a coastal quality with seashell paper towel holders. Save precious counter space with our wall mount paper towel holders. A metal paper towel holder for the wall exhibits wrought iron scrolls perfect for an Italian approach. Go for a motion-activated paper towel dispenser to cut back on waste and the spread of germs. Or, add a quirky element with a wall-mount rooster paper towel holder.

Browse our unique paper towel holders. Kitchen counters and walls will tie nicely into your overall look when adorned with one of these unconventional pieces.