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Vanity Accessories

Vanity Accessories

Finally get your bathroom organized just the way you like with a jewelry stand, glass mirror tray, or even a tabletop mirror. In styles from modern to vintage, you'll find accessories that tidy up your vanity while still adding visual appeal. Check out colors from champagne gold to antique silver.

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Getting ready in the mornings or for a big night out is made all the more difficult when your vanity is cluttered with make-up, moisturizers, and jewelry. But the right accessories can go a long way toward making this space more organized, as well as visually-pleasing!

    Find a jewelry stand that actually matches the overall look of your bathroom, and find a toilet top tray where you can stash small books or simply an accent vase filled with flowers. Having a spot for everything in your bathroom or dressing area will promote calm and beauty, even when you're in a rush!

  • Mirrors: A magnifying makeup mirror makes getting ready infinitely easier. With regular 1x magnification on one side and 10x on the other, you can simply swivel the mirror head depending on your needs. Many of these mirrors also have built-in lighting, and their slim, sleek design makes them perfect for a variety of decorating styles.

    Stand-up mirrors featuring flapper girls or an elegant peacock, however, bring a pop of personality to your vanity. Tie it all together with vintage fashion adverts on either side of your mirror or a vase filled with peacock feathers in the corner of your dressing area.

    If your tastes verge on the traditional, you might also consider a hand mirror adorned with swirling tendrils or regal scrolls. Paired with a larger vanity mirror framed in similar elements, your makeup station will look fit for a duchess.

  • Jars and Bottles: One of the quickest ways to tidy up your bathroom is to get rid of all that unsightly packaging. Place your cotton balls and q-tips inside bathroom apothecary jars that line your sink. Then, find glass perfume bottles from Dale Tiffany for all your favorite fragrances.

    Finally, trinket jars with trays also offer a place to store your rings, hair pins, and other personal affects.

  • Jewelry Holders: Conserve valuable space normally taken up by bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry. A necklace holder stand shaped like a coral branch with a scallop shell is just perfect for your coastal bathroom. You can also find small decorative boxes and even organizers to hang over the door.

  • Trays: A glass mirror tray could be just what you need to contain clutter. Bordered with acanthus leaves and elegant swirls, a tray in Venetian gold imparts a classic feel to your vanity. For a more modern touch, however, it's as simple as finding a mosaic perfume tray for the dresser. Paired with a sleek chair and a streamlined table, your makeup station will exude contemporary flair.