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Serena II Aubusson Rug Collection

Serena II Aubusson Rug Collection

The Serena II Aubusson Rug Collection is our exclusive design. These high-quality, luster-washed wool rugs wear well and feel soft underfoot. An exceptional standard of depth and detail is accomplished through intricate handcarving, which makes the designs spring vividly to life. Hand-tufted area rugs, which are available in four shapes, six colors, and twelve sizes, are a timeless traditional choice for any area of your home.


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Durable and long-lasting, a Serena II Aubusson Area Rug is an investment that you will cherish for years to come. Below is more information about this heirloom-quality area rug:

  • Aubusson designs - The traditional Aubusson rug became a popular choice of French nobility during the 18th century. The designs were made to resemble the Savonnerie rugs that were made exclusively for the king. The rug's signature trademark is the intricate floral medallion center. Aubusson rugs will exude a sense of grandeur when placed in any setting.
  • Timeless Designs - Intricate motifs of roses, florals, and acanthus leaves have an enduring beauty. These classic designs are always in style.
  • Hand-tufting - Strands of wool yarn are pushed through a canvas cloth. Once the tufting is done, latex is added to the reverse side of the canvas material to lock the tufts in place. This creates a much higher grade floorcovering than can be achieved from machine weaving. The quality of a hand-tufted rug is only surpassed by that of a hand-knotted rug.
  • Handcarving - Once a rug has been woven, the fibers are trimmed to a set pile height to create a level surface. The rug can then be carved in various areas to create depth and dimension. When the carving follows the lines of the design, the sculpting effect makes the design spring vividly to life.
  • Wool Yarn - Durable, natural wool fibers are resilient and will outlast synthetic, man-made yarns. Wool accepts dye readily to create a beautiful spectrum of colors. Wool is naturally moisture- and stain-resistant, which makes caring for your new rug easy. Finally, it is an environmentally sustainable material.
  • Luster Wash - After the tufting and carving processes are complete, these wool rugs are given a wash to remove impurities. Luster washing softens the wool fibers and gives the rug a beautiful sheen.
  • Design Variations - Each Serena II Aubusson rug has a design unique for its specific dimensions. We have beautifully photographed each size and shape of rug to demonstrate the varying level of detail on the smallest to the largest sizes we offer.