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Pedestal Tables

Pedestal Tables

A plant stand or pedestal is the underpinning of your indoor garden! Accentuate artificial flowers or authentic houseplants with stands shaped like Greek columns or on traditional tables fashioned from wood or metal.

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Shop Plant Stands for a Pretty Pedestal

Add interest to a faux floral arrangement or call attention to your potted plants with plant stands. Position an alluring bouquet of silk flowers on a pedestal table; let its autumn cherry or dark walnut finish accent your end tables or entertainment center, at the same time it flaunts those precious petals. Or, proudly display your English ivy or dracaena houseplants on stands embellished with elegant scrollwork. Whenever you need to draw focus to a plant or even a vase, plant pedestals will hoist botanical beauties into the spotlight.

Fashioned from wood, metal or resin, plant pedestals will align perfectly with your furnishings. Let iron table legs in antique gold highlight a coordinating wall clock or fireplace screen. Let the handcarved floral pattern in a wooden pedestal table bring out similar designs in a nearby bookcase or bench.

Decorative Plant Stands & Pedestals

Pedestal plant stands will craft a whole new atmosphere with your greenery at its pith. Fluted Greco-Roman columns, traversed with grape vines or acanthus leaves, will lend your home decor an ancient context; topped with lush ivy, a column pedestal will appear salvaged from overgrown ruins. Other decorative pedestals mimic the organic forms of nature with legs fashioned to resemble sinuous vines or hardy bamboo. Indoor vineyards and Oriental gardens are completely possible with a set of these striking pedestal tables.

Decorative plant stands with multiple tiers are perfect for displays with more than one headliner. These sturdy platforms will bear your plants at different heights for visual interest. Let your potted bonsai stand tall above the rest, or accentuate each tier with vibrant flowers. Some of our plant stands can also be displayed outdoors, breathing life into your patio areas. Indoors or out, introduce a little green into your home decor with our prestigious stands and pedestals.