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Vase & Bowl Filler

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Lighted branches for floral arrangements lend intrigue to a prized vase. Combined with faux greenery and fabric flowers, lighted branches will brighten a shadowy corner and bestow a unique touch on your display. Illuminate a dim foyer with lighted sprigs protruding from a tabletop vase; with a mirror mounted over your console table, the reflection will capture a dazzling presentation. Or, allow lighted branches to cast a soft radiance throughout your bedroom and create a relaxing aura. Browse our vase filler selection, and find lighted branches and decorative spray accents that will enhance any arrangement. Decorative balls and orbs in shades of russet, sage, and blue, meanwhile, add interest to your centerpiece bowls.

Encounter vase filler that addresses your specific needs; our electric lighted branches make beautiful accompaniments to your vase. When not in use, simply unplug your lighted branches. We also offer crystal decorative spray accents; stems with offshoots featuring clear, faceted crystals will add a little sparkle to your vase. Delve into an array of options, whether you want your branches to glow brightly or emit a subtle glitter underneath an overhead light. Cultivate a classic atmosphere, and pick out a decorative ball set ornamented with acanthus leaf motifs. Arranged artfully inside a detailed centerpiece bowl, these spheres will invite a second glance.

In your dining room, lighted branches for centerpieces furnish decadent mood lighting and transform your every meal into a fine dining experience. If you're looking to adorn your floor space, select 40” high lighted branches; these tall accents are quite becoming in a chic floor vase. Further customize your look with elegant orb decor. Mosaic glass spheres lend dimension to a contemporary dish, and decorative ceramic balls bring pops of color to your coffee table.

Scope our vase filler collection for lighted branches and decorative spray accents. Then, explore our selection of bowl filler for decorative orbs and spheres that will revolutionize any scene. If your prized vase or centerpiece bowl appears to be missing something, let branches and orbs bestow a sense of dazzling completion.