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Floral Wreaths and Wall Pockets

Floral Wreaths and Wall Pockets

Floral swags and decorative wreaths are perfect for freshening the appearance of your room. Wall vases, wall baskets and wall pockets will look stunning holding your faux greenery.

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Wall Baskets, Pockets & More

Floral swags provide a pop of green or a flourish of flowers to your wall, giving your decor an organic touch without requiring constant maintenance. Adorn the top of a doorway or window with a coastal swag, one interwoven with seashells, twigs and beach grass, for a natural encounter indoors. Let a wreath adorned with wine bottle corks, grape clusters and lavender phalaris meld seamlessly with your vineyard decorating theme. You can also showcase beautiful spring wreaths, summer wreaths, winter wreaths and autumn wreaths.

A floral swag or a seasonal wreath will certainly the boost the liveliness in a room, but what if you want to customize your own arrangement? With interior spaces you can fill with faux greenery, decorative wall pockets serve as charming vessels for artificial ivy or wildflowers. Design a dual display with wall basket sets; their coordinating elements allow you to get creative with your imitation foliage. Of course, if you prefer a ready-made arrangement, some wall pockets include an artificial bouquet that will brighten your surroundings.

Wall Vases for Your Perfect Display

Wall vases, alongside flower swags, bring a vertical twist to the average floral display. Embellish a wine theme even further with a lustrous vase finished in purple; metal accents forming vines and grape clusters give dimension to the vase, making it a prominent chamber for your faux flowers. Glass bottle vases and hanging amphoras, too, lend elegance to your artificial florals as they hover high above.

Your display options are simply limitless, whether you're set on mounting a vertical vase or a few floral swags. Wall decor can bring the beauty of an outdoor garden to your interior spaces, filling your home with lofty leaves and beautiful blossoms.