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LED Wall Sconces

LED Wall Sconces

Forget candles and hardwiring, and opt for battery operated wall sconces instead. A wall sconce with a switch, timer, and dimming capabilities makes lighting quick and easy. Plus, find sets that mimic realistic candlelight, as well as colorful stained glass designs.

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Battery operated wall sconces are a stylish alternative to electric hardwiring and constantly lighting (and remembering to blow out) candles. Today's sconces look indistinguishable from those of the past, so you can create a realistic, "traditional" look without all the work!

Pick out a wall sconce with a switch that allows you to easily add a little light. Or, choose a sconce with an included remote control for easy operation, along with dimming capabilities. Other sconces may have internal timers to help save battery life. Pay close attention to the features listed in each product description, to ensure you're getting exactly what you need. Outdoor LED sconces can even add a simulated, candle flame-like flickering to your covered porch or sunroom.

Indoors, your options on where to hang these attractive accents are nearly limitless. On either side of a headboard, bedroom wall lamps are quite romantic. You might also use them to flank a vanity mirror and increase the brightness around your makeup table.

Otherwise, you can frame a fireplace mantel or even a prized piece of artwork with living room wall sconces. Mounted just over your sofa, they also add to the mood lighting of the room. Finally, when you need just a hint of light to find your way at night, hallway wall lights are a simple and affordable solution. Simply arrange your sconces in a neatly-spaced row, and flip them on and off as needed.

A wireless wall sconce might conjure images of contemporary lines and modern motifs, when in fact you can find plenty of vintage-inspired looks. Find a wall light with a switch, its shade fashioned from colorful stained glass. Blooming roses and detailed geometrics will illuminate any space. However, you can also find sconce sets with overlapping circle patterns and abstract designs, if you do prefer a more cutting-edge light fixture.

Find exactly what you need to turn a shadowy space into something sensational!