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Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirrors

Show off a seashell mirror in soft pastel shades, or go for a black frame mirror with minimalist appeal. A mirror provides the illusion of added space to a room. Find a frame that highlights your unique style, and you're set!
With a variety of sizes for any room, Touch of Class mirrors include shapes from long panels to traditional ovals.

Decorating With Mirrors

Wall Mirror Decorating Ideas:

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Decorating With Mirrors

Looking to make your room look bigger, brighter, or just more visually-appealing? Mirrors solve all three of these decorating conundrums, creating the illusion of additional space and light without having to make any major changes. See how a well-chosen wall mirror can change your decor for the better.

Going for an American coastal aesthetic? The key here is to use shells and other oceanic elements moderately and with intention. It's surprisingly easy to go overboard, with the surfeit of coastal decorations out there! Keep it tasteful with a seashell mirror as your focal point; framed in pastel scallops and starfish, this lovely looking glass is perfect over a simple white table.

Care for a more contemporary look? Hang a black frame mirror with minimalist flair. Go grayscale with a charcoal-colored rug below and white grommet drapes on the windows. A splash of red from a stack of salvaged secondhand books adds color and character to this new-age space.

You can also find a number of large mirrors for sale, perfect for when you're decorating a bigger room. Hang a gold "window" mirror in your great room for a lofty look. Open up the space with white furnishings, flourishing greenery, and lightweight window treatments.

If you're trying to find something quirky, something interesting that adds personality to an otherwise "overly-designed" room, why not try out peacock mirrors? The ravishing blue hue will pick up the upholstery in nearby accent chairs, plus these exotic animals are a delightfully-unusual decorating choice.

For those in a more classic state-of-mind, French style mirrors provide all the gilded adornment of the Baroque period. Hang up a mirror trimmed in scrolling ivory leaf designs. Then, find a small candelabra for your coffee table and really play up this extravagant aura.

Abstract mirrors can also pack quite a punch in the living room. Let metallic mosaics encircle your mirror, picking up the copper terrariums on your wall ledges. Where ever you land on the spectrum of decorating styles, you're sure to find a mirror that enriches your unique look.