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Floral Rugs

Floral Rugs

Revive your living room, dining area, or bedroom with floral rugs. Shabby chic to contemporary, a whole range of styles awaits! Plus, find sizes from 2'6"x4'2" to as large as 8'x11', as well as round, oval, and runner sizes.

Magnolias, roses, sunflowers, or even tropical flowers will set a distinct mood wherever you choose to decorate.

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Adorn your home with fresh flower prints! Today's patterns are as versatile as they are vibrant; you can go with stylized blooms for contemporary flair, or you can pay homage to a classic French look with ribbon-bound bouquets. If you're looking for a solid foundation to a colorful room, search no further than these elegant floral rugs. Shabby chic or Asian-inspired, they're perfect for a plethora of decorating styles.

    Flowers have come to symbolize countless concepts and settings over the years; find the perfect motif to really set the mood in your living room, dining area, or bedroom.

  • Southern Charm: If you've an affinity for antebellum architecture and Southern belles, then help your home reach full bloom with magnolia rugs. Featuring shades like parchment, green, and beige, these iconic blossoms unfurl out in the open for a noble display.

    Rugs often serve as the inspiration for the color palette in a room, so why not apply that same trend here? Garb your windows in gauzy, off-white lace curtains, and work an earthy green hue into your upholstery choices, such as a rich emerald ottoman.

  • Modern Edge: Stylized flowers are perfect for a contemporary living room. Decide on a yellow and gray rug featuring delicate poppies or a botanical mix. This color palette can be repeated in a piece of canvas art hung over the sofa. Featuring abstract geometrics in similar hues, the angular lines form an interesting contrast with the more organic motifs shown on the rug below.

    Pull it all together with gray grommet drapes and pops of yellow here and there, from toss pillows to coffee table books.

  • Quaint Cottage: Bring a pretty pastoral element to your home decorating. In the dining room, a floral lavender rug adds intrigue with tiny vining blossoms. Picture antique white chairs and a small wooden table in the center of it all. A flourish of wildflowers in a purple ombre vase serves as a gorgeous centerpiece upon your tabletop.

  • Tuscan Beauty: Are you in love with the rustic allure of the Italian countryside? Pull this earthy feel into your dining area with a sprawling sunflower rug. With splashes of golden yellow, green, and orange, this rug serves as a lovely foundation for a warm-hued table. For a little contrast, pick mismatched chairs finished in a dark hue verging on black.

  • Nostalgic Romance: If you're not sold on any particular style, why not go for a sense of timeless elegance? Anchor a glass coffee table with a gorgeous rose rug. Wool with sculpted edges and pastel shades of ash rose and rosewood, this pretty floor covering speaks to the blush curtains on nearby windows.

    Add in hints of soft warm gray in throw blankets, or let a pair of off-white benches play up the dreamy reverie of the room.

Pick out a large flower rug 8'x11' in size, or provide a pretty accent in a 2'6"x4'6" size. Regardless of which size you choose, you're certain to find a variety of botanic beauties fit for any room.