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Perk up that bland patch of wall above the kitchen sink, or swap out those dated canisters for a shiny set with snug, airtight lids. If you're getting tired of the same old, same old, updating your kitchen is usually as simple as hanging a new piece of art or adding storage that doubles as decoration.

    Approach redecorating with a fresh eye. Ask a friend for their honest opinion, or assess your kitchen like you've never set foot in it before. What isn't working? What would look downright gorgeous, if only you had the right piece to set it all off?

  • Transforming Your Table: Even if you can't shell out for a new dining set, you can still create a whole new look around affordable table linens. Pick your favorite from lace tablecloths portraying romantic roses, medallion motifs, or even dogwood blooms. Then, lock in Victorian vibes with a vintage teapot or a mirror repurposed as a salt and pepper tray.

    But what if your chairs could use a little brushing up? Picking out new kitchen cushions is a quick and inexpensive fix: go for fruit designs, flowery prints, or even chic toile patterns.

    Of course, if you want to start totally anew, you can also nab a glass bistro table and chairs. Or, revel in a breezy atmosphere with leathered-wrapped rattan chairs and a round table to match.

  • Cultivating Your Counters: Your countertop provides the perfect platform to merge function with beauty. Give a mod pop to porcelain counters with red kitchen accessories; paper towel holders and canisters can add a Moroccan element or even a Tuscan influence, depending on what you choose.

    Plus, bring your prettiest bottles out of hiding with a wine bottle holder. Besides freeing up storage space, these accents provide the perfect avenue for changing your look from time-to-time. Display a light rosé in spring and an oaked chardonnay in the winter.

    If you're looking to decorate with more than a few bottles, find a wine rack for your wall, too!

  • Reworking Your Walls: What to do with that big blank space over your credenza? Certainly, you could go with a tried-and-true mirror—or you could make your kitchen stand out with something more unexpected.

    Hang fruit wall art, whether it's apple and pear-shaped accents or a delectable set of framed prints. Or, turn convention on its head completely with decorative ceramic wall plates. Displayed neatly in a scrolling rack, accents used traditionally as tableware add whimsy to walls.

    Some of these are even food safe! Just be sure to check the product description, if you ever want your wall art to double as dinnerware.

  • Fixing Up Floors: The area at the foot of your sink can look a bit distracting without something to anchor it. Browse chicken kitchen rugs for smaller floor coverings with a French provincial twist.

    If you're looking to ground your table and chairs, however, pick from fruit and wine-themed kitchen rugs. Grape clusters will add an air of abundance to your surroundings.

    It's worth doing a bit of measuring beforehand, however. Ideally, even when pushed back from the table, your kitchen chairs will still have all four legs resting on the rug.

From Mediterranean to bird kitchen decor, find pieces that uplift your existing look. Otherwise, clear the way for all-new accessories, and have another go at decorating a kitchen as welcoming as it is stylish.