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Safari & African

Safari & African

Go for a wholly thematic approach, or work subtle safari elements into your decor with leopard rugs, bold artwork, and fierce furnishings.

Search African wall art for inspired works. Plus find elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras, or animal prints in anything from bedding to bath towels. Neutral colors of brown, black, and gold provide an aesthetic balance to this dynamic look.

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The safari decorating approach is perfect for risk-takers that still want to keep things balanced: animal prints offer graphic appeal, while neutral shades of black, gold, tan, and brown help to keep things balanced.

If you're concerned your final look might come off as too thematic, don't worry. It's easy to work these bold elements into a variety of styles, from contemporary to eclectic.

For example, in a sassy home office filled with fashion prints and bold upholstery, leopard rugs add a feminine and feisty touch. Situate one underneath your computer desk to help break up solid colors and add some visual interest.

Or, if you're gunning for an unapologetically Serengeti vibe, anchor a woven-top coffee table with zebra prints. The black and white color dynamic is always sophisticated, but you can still spice things up with a bright red slim-neck vase on the tabletop above.

Looking for an interesting piece for over the sofa? A narrow canvas depicting leopard eyes is the perfect way to accent this unusual space. Explore an array of safari and African wall art for an inspired composition. Just make sure it's hung at eye-level, which will feel more natural to viewers.

Likewise, merge function with beauty, and adorn your walls with African style wall decor. Hang wood wall ledge shelves with simple carved designs and a mahogany finish. These would work well in a modern bathroom dominated with other dark woods. Top these shelves with fluted vases and ornamental grass, apothecary jars, or handmade soaps.

For the adventurous, a mirror framed in elephants looks absolutely ravishing in the entryway. Bring it all together with a chunky jute rug and a stylized giraffe sculpture in the corner. Safari wall decor lends itself well to a variety of rooms, from your dining area to the hallway.

Pick out a comforter arrayed in Peruvian-inspired diamonds, or find sheer animal print draperies in natural hues. With safari and African home decor at your disposal, you'll find just the thing to boost your look—whether that's a sleek cheetah sculpture or an exotic lamp.