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Wine Essentials

Wine Essentials

Our wine essentials selection offers wine bottle holders, furnishings and accessories for the avid oenophile. Discover wine racks, cabinets and stands for your bar room, or create interest with wine accessories.

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Wine Racks & Wine Accessories

We offer an array of wine essentials to delight the wine connoisseur. Wine Bottle Holders turn your wine bottle into a decorative display. For storing multiple bottles of wine, shop our selection of Wine Racks, Wine Cabinets and Wine Stands. These wine racks provide convenient wine storage, whether you need a wall wine rack, wine and stemware rack, wine storage table, floor wine stand or wine cabinet. Our Wine Accessories section includes a variety of other wine essentials. Browse unique Cork Cages(R), cork holders, corkscrew holders and wine glasses.

Find a creative way to reuse all those corks with our decorative wine cork holders. Corks can serve as delightful reminders of wine-tasting festivals or afternoons spent picnicking at vineyards. Cork Cages(R) are charming receptacles in the shapes of wine barrels, jugs, bottles and glasses. Complement your coastal theme with a mermaid or anchor Cork Cage(R), or let a high-heeled boot bring a feminine touch to your presentation. We also carry word cork holders that spell out “wine”, “vino” and “corks” so you can proclaim your love for viticulture.

Discover a Wall Wine Rack, Wine Cabinets & More

Unique wine bottle holders portray colorful characters cradling your favorite vintage. A rooster wine bottle holder brings a bit of barnyard whimsy to your countertop, while a chef wine bottle holder transforms your kitchen into a swank ristorante. Scope out a sophisticated look with acanthus leaf or peacock wine bottle holders. Finally, our funny wine bottle holders feature chickens and moose trying to guzzle down the precious contents of your bottle!

If you're hosting a party for likeminded aficionados, don't forget serving trays for cheeses and wine glasses. After all, wine is best enjoyed with friends, and you can collect corks after a wine-tasting party for your decorative wine cork holders! Shop our wine essentials for furnishings and accents that will improve upon the wine lifestyle.