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Wall Teesters Bed Crowns
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Wall Teesters Bed Crowns

Wall teesters and bed crowns will create an opulent display above your bed. Adorned with your drapery or scarves, these wall accents will transform your bedroom into a sumptuous bedchamber.

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Bed Crowns for Your Boudoir

Give your bedroom the look of luxury and elegance with a bed crown. Also known as wall teesters, these decorative accents will hold your curtain panels or sheers aloft and look wonderful above your bedding area. Drape delicate lace curtains from a teester embellished with miniature roses; let the openwork designs cascade behind a chic bedspread for romantic appeal. Or, accentuate a stately comforter with a wall teester resembling a monarch's crown; festooned with golden or burgundy drapes, your bedding area will look fit for a palace.

Our bed crowns are available in a variety of finishes, so you can find the right one for your decor. Go classical and sophisticated with antique ivory, or set your walls agleam with a platinum finish. Choose natural cherry to accentuate the dark, wooden texture of your bed frame, or pick aged gold for a color that lends itself well to royalty. Verdi bronze and antique black create an air of refinement and an interesting contrast with your light-colored drapes and bed coverings.

Featuring timeless designs like flowers, leaves and scrolls, teester bed crowns will put a unique spin on regal displays. Foster an eighteenth-century, rococo look with ritzy gold finishes and ornate floral wreaths. Let the burnished scrollwork and loop designs of crown-shaped teesters evoke medieval grandeur. A Greek and Roman-inspired bedding area, accentuated by fluted columns and marble statues, will look stunning with acanthus scrolls in ivory.

Wall bed crown displays may look elaborate, but assembling them is surprisingly easy. Simply slide your panels or scarves onto a removable bar hidden in the bed crown back. A pair of matching tieback holders mounted below your teester will gather your panels elegantly to either side of your bed. With a set-up this simple, bed crowns present an effortless way to create a stunning flourish.