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Vases and Jars

Vases and Jars

Display a ceramic vase on a generous window ledge, or boost the area below your staircase with stunning floor vases. For all the smaller nooks and crannies in your home, find decorative jars with lids. Boasting fleurs-de-lis, peacocks, cherry blossoms, and more designs, these vases and jars add decorative appeal anywhere.

Create a centerpiece or focal point in your room by adding Vase Fillers to a table or floor vase

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Add a focal point to your stair landing with unique floor vases, or top your fireplace mantel with charming decorative jars. Filled with peacock feathers, lighted sprigs, or displayed all on their own, vases and jars offer a quick, stylish pick-me-up to a variety of rooms.

Decorating a dining room with high ceilings? Top your table with a tall vase to naturally draw eyes upward. Then, pick one or two colors featured in the vase's design. Placemats and charger plates in similar shades, when arranged all around your vase, make for a cohesive tablescape.

For a smaller trestle table, nothing adds vintage flair like a glass jar set. Mismatched heights bring interest to your arrangement, as do attractive motifs like metal flowers or fleurs-de-lis.

    Take into account the space you want to enhance, and choose your vase or jar accordingly.

  • Floor Vases: Tall and ornate, these vessels are meant to perk up stairwells, corners, or entryways. Offset a sideboard with a pitcher floor vase boasting grapevines and an exposed wood look. Then, for a vibe that's fresh from the vineyard, mix in artificial grape clusters brimming over a glass bowl.

    If a traditional atmosphere is more to your liking, show off a porcelain floor vase limned with amber and burgundy blossoms. A nearby room divider picks up these pigments and helps solidify your timeless style.

  • Table Vases: Although smaller in size, these lovely containers still make quite the impact on your decor. Place a ceramic vase on a generous window ledge; handpainted cherry blossoms allow for an Eastern influence that won't look out-of-place alongside a magnificent gold-hued rug.

    Or, hint at your underlying theme with a peacock vase. With gorgeous tail feathers fanning out to form the vase itself, this unique piece attracts attention to your foyer table. You can also find Tuscan, Southwest, and even abstract vases to strengthen your look.

  • Decorative Jars: Having trouble filling that recessed niche in the wall? Line it with glass apothecary jars of assorted sizes. Filled with colorful gemstones, beads, or sand, decorative jars make empty space look more purposeful.

    Also browse a striking array of decorative jars with lids. Perfect atop a coffee table, a faux marble jar looks elegant between two Greek column candlesticks. Jars are also perfect for bathrooms and vanities, where they can store jewelry and other small items.

Let vases and jars lend visual intrigue to your bookshelf, pedestal, or console table. Flaunting colors from bronze to aqua blue, a gorgeous vessel will instantly refresh your surroundings.