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Wall Sconce Candelabras

Wall Sconce Candelabras

A wall candelabra brings a breathtaking aspect to your vertical display; open geometrics, Moroccan tiles, metal blossoms and tree branches add flair, while gold, bronze and brown finishes offer striking colors.

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Flaunt a Posh Wall Candelabra

A striking wall candelabra allows you to shed a dazzling array of lights upon your vertical space. When a simple candleholder simply won't cut it, rely on these fancy luminaries to showcase your tealights, votives or pillars. Festoon your dining room with a lovely candelabra, and engulf your surroundings in an amorous atmosphere. Or, utilize the myriad designs of candelabras to your fullest advantage, boosting the overall theme of an area. Combined with an attractive finish, a candelabra sconce will invigorate your wall vignette.

Explore the creative structures that form our candelabra wall sconces. Perched atop their candlecups, your favorite set of candles sits nestled among peacock feathers, intricate scrollwork or leafy branches. Our Asian-inspired candelabras feature exotic peafowl with jeweled tail feathers that hold your candles aloft, but you can also find a luminary closely resembling the winding branch of a gingko tree. Choose open scroll or Moroccan tile designs for traditional flair, or let metal trees laden with leaves support your candles. Our natural elements candelabras also flaunt songbird, floral or butterfly accents.

Find a Candelabra Wall Sconce in a Rich Finish

Find a finish for any occasion, when you shop our brilliant candelabra sconces. Shades of copper, rust brown or hazel are best suited to a location with primarily earthy pigments. Or, brighten your outlook with champagne gold, satin gold or antique gold, and bring an extravagant touch to your decor as well. Finally, brushed bronze or black will garner interest with a graphic, high-impact hue, while platinum offers a sleek and modern color.

Display anywhere from two to nine candles, when you ornament your vertical exhibit with a metal wall candelabra. We even provide candleholder sets that, all told, will present ten of your candles in an exquisite fashion. Arrive at a candelabra sconce for pillars, votives or tealights, and parade your favorite candles in an ornate fashion.