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Animal Sculptures and Figurines
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Animal sculptures and figurines afford a quirky presence to your decor. Find elephant statues to spruce up a home office. Unexpected yet majestic, elephant artwork will lend a worldly aspect to your bookshelf stocked with travelogues. Or, browse a spirited selection of horse statues, and let a lone stallion preside over your vestibule. Posed atop a modern console table with an abstract canvas for a backdrop, a horse sculpture adds a spontaneous touch to an otherwise contemporary space.

You don't have to feel locked into a theme with animal statuettes; to the contrary, animal decor can shake up your style and keep it from trailing into a predictable place.

  • Elephants: If you're decorating a family room, it might be tempting to go for a typical family sculpture. Keep things interesting and celebrate family in all its forms with elephant sculptures. A mother elephant teaching her infant to trumpet would look quite endearing beneath a photo wall or alongside tabletop picture frames. Elephants bedizened in jewels can also bring an exotic feel to an eclectic bedroom.

  • Horses: Sure, horses look right at home amongst wagon wheels and Southwest prints. But you could also use horse statues to convey a vaguely old-time vibe. Roses in a mint julep cup and a small potted topiary offset a bronze horse, conjuring a "day at the races" feel. Arrange these items on a stair landing table for an impromptu sight as you round the corner.

  • Dogs and Cats: These pieces will introduce a lighthearted element to your decor. A dog statue with floppy, airborne ears won't look out of place in a whimsical living room. Let this sculpture play off accent chairs upholstered with zany prints, and find balance by sticking to two or three key colors. A cat statue peering down from atop a curio cabinet also adds interest—especially when that cabinet houses your collection of colorful glass fish!

With animal art, you can stage all sorts of interactive scenes, bringing life and character to a space that might otherwise look too calculated or put-together.