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Touch of Class

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Austin Horn Classics Bedding
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Austin Horn Classics Bedding

Peruse a breathtaking array of luxury bedding sets from Austin Horn Classics. Meticulously handcrafted in southern California, these comforters boast richly-woven fabrics and traditional designs, like jacquard damask, floral medallions, and Italian-inspired flourishes.

Made to last and blending comfort with elegance, these bed ensembles are yet another gorgeous testament to the quality expected from Pacific Coast Home Furnishings.

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Decorating an opulent master bedroom can be daunting, but with one of these luxury bedding sets from Austin Horn Classics, you'll be well on your way to creating the sanctuary of your dreams.

A hallmark of the craftsmanship and status so closely associated with Pacific Coast Home Furnishings, comforters from the Austin Horn Classics line immediately convey taste and opulence. Many feature woven jacquard fabrics that more closely resemble the flourishes on a tapestry, rather than the designs you might expect on a simple bed covering.

Start your search by first settling on a size: if you own an especially large bed, go for generous comforter sets. King luxury bedding will dress your 76"x80" mattress in gilded colors and motifs. Those with queen mattresses, typically 60"x80" in dimensions, would be hard-pressed to find an ensemble more lavish than those featured here. As for the more unusual California king size, find a breadth of comforters designed specifically for your 72"x84" mattress.

After you've determined which size you'll need, it's time to move on to color. These designer comforter sets offer a span of shades to suit any palette, whether your room is laid-back in neutrals or steeped in bold, vivacious shades.

Black and gold is always a distinguished choice, especially if your room is already bedizened in gold-framed mirrors and black furnishings. This scheme also provides dramatic visual contrast that will strike you every time you enter the room. Tone things down with Austin Horn bedding in shades of almond. Blonde wooden furnishings and a cream-colored headboard add layer upon layer to the neutral palette, creating graphic interest while maintaining harmony.

And if you're wanting to make an especially grand statement, you can't go wrong with merlot and bronze. Complete with scalloped overlay and classic damask patterns, this regal-looking ensemble beckons to richly-ornamented palaces in Italy.

Feminine flair with a whimsical accent is always an option too, if you fear a strictly-traditional vibe. Choose one of our Austin Horn comforters in salmon pink, pale lime, and light taupe, all featured in the floral medallions that sweep across pillows and shams. All of these designer comforter sets include a bedskirt and shams, so you can fulfill a polished look right from the start.

Paired with Egyptian cotton sheets and big, fluffy pillows, your new comforter will positively pamper you with its majestic patterns and high-end fabrics. Dare to spoil yourself a little with a bedding set from the Austin Horn Classics collection.