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Touch of Class

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Contemporary and Abstract Sculptures and Figurines
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Contemporary and Abstract Sculptures and Figurines

Shop a finely-curated selection of abstract sculptures for the home. Family and hand sculptures in finishes of black, white, and bronze will add interest to the clean lines and angles of your modern aesthetic.

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Decorating with abstract sculptures for the home might seem daunting; how do you add artwork without cluttering up your clean, contemporary aesthetic? Where will you place the piece to give it its due prominence? How will this artwork affect the mood of the room?

Fortunately, decorating with contemporary art doesn't have to be hard. Just consider the area you want to decorate, including its size and any surrounding decor. Also remember not to overburden your look with too many additions; the point of contemporary style is having lots of open space to offset your artwork.

  • Hand Sculptures: Expressive yet simple, these statues are perfect for a fireplace mantel or a recessed niche in a wall. Finishes like charcoal black will pop against a white backdrop, while an all-white sculpture looks sleek and low-key. Find hand statues making the "I love you" sign, clasping one another tenderly, or even applauding. Make sure whatever gesture you choose speaks to the overall atmosphere of the room.

  • Abstract: A hallmark of contemporary style, abstract sculptures should be displayed in plain sight. On an entryway table, an interpretive piece will immediately convey a sense of modernity to visitors. You could also place an abstract statue on a slender table just below your staircase for a charming accent.

  • Family Sculptures: Contemporary style doesn't have to feel detached and cold! Anchor a coffee table with a family table sculpture. Human figures intertwine to form a heart shape and other interesting compositions. Paired with a stack of interior design books and a soy candle or two, your statue will add warmth to your vignette.

  • Modern Figurines: Amp up the energy in a studio or workout room with dancer table sculptures. A female figurine with one leg propped lazily over the other adds a sassy air to your bedroom dresser. Choose a modern sculpture for the home in hues of bronze and mottled green for a pop of color, or choose warmer shades of burnt sienna, misted gold, and sand.

Now that you have a few modern decorating ideas up your sleeve, why not browse our selection of contemporary sculptures for sale? A hand sculpture could make the perfect jewelry holder for your vanity, or grace your staircase landing display with a heart table sculpture.

Rest assured that where ever you put a contemporary piece, it will serve as an attractive focal point.