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Pillar Candle Wall Sconces

Pillar Candle Wall Sconces

A sconce for pillar candle decorating will grant a high-impact display. Discover sconces handcrafted of solid brass or iron, or select a luminary crafted from metal and featuring silver, gold or bronze finishes.

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Showcase a Pillar Sconce on Your Wall

Find a sconce for pillar candle decorating, and finally put all those short and stout candles to good use. Whether you're dying to flaunt a new purchase or just need a nice place to dust off and display some old pillars, encounter a show-stopping wall sconce for just that purpose. You can hang a diagonal procession of wall sconces above your staircase and create a candlelit path to your second floor. Display a pillar wall sconce on either side of an expansive mirror, or mount a pair above your headboard for a romantic presentation. Here, you'll find a fetching sconce in just the style, material and color you've been dreaming of.

Pillar sconces will emphasize your one-of-a-kind look, whether they take a page from contemporary trends or historical fashions. Our contemporary sconces utilize capiz shell accents, geometric shapes and swooping, curved contours for a futuristic effect. You can also choose transitional wall sconces for adornments combining the past and present, including branching details, floral openwork motifs and hammered textures. Finally, survey our traditional sconces for ornate back plates, acanthus leaves and elegant scrolls. Regardless of which you choose, your sconce will make quite the impression.

Shop Pillar Candle Wall Sconces

You'll be quite taken with the countless finishes available, when you browse our sconces for pillar candles. Arrive at a dynamic color for instant impact, or choose a more subtle pigment for a low-key wall accent. Black and bronze furnish moody mystique to your vertical arrangement, while gold and brass are upscale and illuminating. Go with a silver or pewter finish for a cool and satiny hue, or showcase combinations of ivory and beige or beige and cream for a lovely and neutral palette.

Obtain a truly high-quality countenance with sconces handcrafted of solid brass or iron. Pillar candle wall sconces with a lacquered hand-finish are also a sight to behold. Plunge into our glittering selection, and find a pillar wall sconce to brighten any environs.