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Tropical Rugs

Tropical Rugs

Boost an island-inspired setting with palm tree rugs and more tropical prints. Colors like cypress green, coral, orange, turquoise, and red will bring a paradisal splash to your bedroom, living room, or outdoor patio.

Browse runner and rectangle sizes from 3'x5' to 8'x10', and get lost in mesmerizing floral prints and leafy patterns.

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Are you styling your home with a 1950s Hawaiian aesthetic? Or perhaps modeling it after a favorite vacation spot? Either way, you can lay the groundwork for a breezy, balmy space with palm tree rugs. Beneath a cluster of rattan chairs, these floor coverings add a splash of color and a flourish of foliage. Find out how to integrate these bold patterns into your own decorating for a summery vibe all year round.

  • Backyard Paradise: Even if you live nowhere near the equator, you can still warm up your covered patio or screened-in porch with an island-inspired rug. Find a lovely light cream shade accented with vermillion butterflies and dragonflies. Jungle green leaves surround the border and provide ample opportunity to work this shade into your outdoor chair cushions.

    Otherwise, you might liven up a lackluster concrete floor with more outspoken hues. Try for tropical outdoor rugs with palettes combining yellow, orange, blue, cypress, and cinnabar for an eye-opening effect. The oversized blooms scattered across a soft olive background will truly pop, making the entire space much more interesting. You could also stick to just one bright pigment, if you prefer your color schemes on the simpler side. Light red or turquoise palm fronds against a soft champagne ground electrify your look without introducing too many competing pigments.

  • Hawaiian Vibes: Indoors, you might be searching for a playful, paradisal mood to complement your vintage surf signs or pineapple prints. In this case, you should go for striking blues, pinks, and oranges that conjure images of sunsets over ocean horizons. For intriguing contrast, let punchy florals stand out against a black background. You could then hang a sculpture from Joanne Ferrara featuring tiki masks and hibiscus over a solid green couch.

    Naturally, you can't go wrong with a palm leaf rug, either. Go for a print you might find on a surfboard, like white overlays of palm trees on a solid, coral-colored background. A mid-century modern coffee table topped with vintage travelogues lends an old-school element to your surroundings.

  • Lush Living Room: Complement those bamboo curtains or a wood slice coffee table with all manner of leaves and blossoms. A leaf pattern rug with ferns and climbing plants looks charming in the bedroom, where it anchors a comforter in solid ivory. Or, try for a banana leaf rug in sandy beige, green, and coral. Translucent curtains in an orangey-pink coordinate your windows with your floor for a subtle hint of unity.

    Top your sofa table with a stained glass leaf lamp to bring it all full-circle, or mix in modern elements for a less thematic approach. However you decide to utilize these rugs, rest assured you'll find just the colors and sizes you need. Explore runners and rectangle tropical rugs 7'x10' in dimensions or even as small as 2'6"x4'2". Bedrooms, foyers, and dens alike will brighten instantly with the addition of one of these cheerful rugs.