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Decorative Rods and Tiebacks

Decorative Rods and Tiebacks

Browse drapery hardware with a decorative twist, whether you're searching for crystal curtain holdbacks or a metal curtain pole finished in antique brass. Pick out curtain rods with leaf, pine cone, traditional, or contemporary designs, as well as curtain clip rings for your pinch pleats and more.

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So often we get caught up in the look of the curtains themselves that we forget to consider the little embellishments that truly bring a window treatment to life. Sure, a simple wrap-around curtain rod will do the job, but why settle for pure functionality when you could find hardware with a decorative twist? It's just what you need to take your window ensemble from utilitarian to designer-worthy.

Start by finding a decorative rod that lends itself well to the valances and panels you'll be hanging. For example, maybe you'd like a flourish of color and texture above the kitchen sink. Shop tension curtain rods that you can mount inside a window casing, no drilling or hammering required. Hang a lightweight valance patterned with Jacobean florals on moss green. A lovely espresso-finished rod completes a palette of fresh earth tones you can then extend to your table centerpiece or chair cushions.

Turn your attention now to the living room, where that lovely picture window is just begging for a pinch pleat panel. You don't have to fuss with a traverse rod and hooks when you could simply opt for a more up-to-date look; curtain rings with clips make it easy to push your curtain to the side, unveiling the view and letting a little sunlight stream in through your panes. Pair nickel-finished clip rings with crisp white panels, or let a gold finish bring out sumptuous chocolate-colored curtains.

If you're one that loves layering valances over your drapery, you might find it a bit of a chore to hang two curtain rods: one for the panels themselves and one that projects out in front for the topper. Fortunately, some of our double curtain poles can support both curtains and valances, giving you the look you love without making too many holes in your window casing. Pick out a double rod with artichoke finials for a style reminiscent of classical architecture. A ficus in a pot ornamented with Greek keys will then make a fitting addition to that empty corner nearby.

No matter your color scheme, it's easy finding a curtain pole in the specific finish you need, whether you're decorating with warm tones or cool ones. A gold curtain rod would look splendid above a curtain pair with traces of this same metallic hue in an all-over damask pattern. Meanwhile, a white curtain rod will blend unobtrusively into a wall of the same shade—or else pop pristinely above a black-and-white curtain. Be sure to work other iterations of white into your surroundings, like a contemporary sculpture or a mini chandelier.

Finally, when you've got your drapes all hung up, consider investing in a few curtain holdbacks to cinch the panels to the side. Tiebacks shaped like roses in provincial white are a lovely addition to your farmhouse chic dining room. Or, go for curtain tiebacks with pine cones for a rustic element in your cabin-inspired den.

Many of these decorative rods come with finials, adjustable brackets, and a telescoping rod, so you can adjust them to exactly the width you need, whether that's 24 inches wide or 144. The right size, finish, and designs are ultimately what will take your window treatments from blasé to bold and beautiful.