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Decorative Plates & Racks

Decorative Plates & Racks

Set the stage for a chic arrangement with a wall-mounted plate rack, and fill its beautiful holders with decorative plates for your walls.

Pick out your favorite design, from roosters to fruits, and array your home in colors of gold, burgundy, lavender, or cypress green.

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Give plates a whirl, if you've grown weary of the same old wall decor! Although traditionally used as tableware, decorative dishes have evolved to artwork status in modern-day homes. Pick out a few that pop against your wallpaper or echo accent colors found throughout your room.

Once you've settled on a suitable design, don't forget to pick out a wall-mounted plate rack. Find a rack that can hang horizontally, or a rack that hangs vertically. You can display anywhere from two to four plates, depending on your needs. Decorative plate hangers generally have an aesthetic touch themselves, including scrolls or even leaves, so the entire arrangement positively glows once the plates are added.

    What sort of a look are you going for?

  • Tuscan Twist: Bring a Mediterranean splash to a room dominated by warm woods and wrought iron accents. Pick out a series of rooster plates just right for a stucco wall. Hang them in a neat column, and let the eye trace downwards to a simple vase filled with sunflowers atop a pedestal table.

    Chicken designs also work wonders in farmhouse-inspired spaces, as well as any setting with a rural French vibe.

  • Seaside Style: If you're more partial to pastel hues and captivating shades of blue, go for some seashell plates. Sand dollars, nautilus shells, and scallops bring soft natural shades into your palette as well. Hang these in a horizontal row, then underscore the arrangement with a branch of sun-bleached driftwood, equal in length or a bit longer than your plate rack.

  • Unconventional Cottage: Liven up a simple yet cozy dining area with vibrant blossoms. Botanical plates feature spring blooms, watercolor flowers, or even pretty hydrangeas. Take pigments found in your plates, from pale lavender to deep wine, and see if you can work them into your curtains or a braided rug.

    If you're more drawn to golden pears and rosy peaches, go for a set of fruit plates. Decorative touches like vintage fruit magnets on the fridge or even just a bowl of apples on the kitchen table will tie your entire look together.

Another thing you should take into consideration is whether you'd also like to eat off your plates, at some point. Check the product descriptions to make sure that your new plates are food safe; if they are, your wall art will serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose. This is perfect for a no-frills decorating approach, but there's certainly no harm in showing off a purely decorative plate or two!