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Shorter Length Curtains

Shorter Length Curtains

There are short window solutions other than tier treatments. Browse our short length curtain panels for window treatments under 60" in length. Shorter length panels are perfect for basement windows, bathroom windows, and many egress windows.

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Whether you're simply trying to dress up that egress window or add some pizazz to the basement rec room, you'll find that even small window curtains lend instant style to a space. Play with color and design to create an energizing setting, or tone things back with soft neutral solids. However and wherever you intend to decorate, you'll find casual grommet panels and valances for exactly the look you have in mind.

Meant to hang to the windowsill or slightly further, these panels come in a variety of lengths to suit any situation. 36 inch curtains, for example, are perfect for that tiny pane over your basement couch. On the other hand, 45 inch curtains might pair well with a bathroom window, if you find that you're looking for a more laid-back vibe than tiers and a valance can afford. Finally, a 54 inch curtain is ideal in a kitchen, where you might want privacy but the freedom to move around without longer curtains getting in your way.

If you're attracted to a more minimalist look, find short window curtains in solid shades. Colors like harvest gold, chocolate, sage, and natural will complement any setting, regardless of color scheme. For a splash of color, however, you might try burgundy or even slate blue—just the thing to take a wall from blah to brilliant! Tie your room together by anchoring downstairs seating with a burgundy rug. Or, let a suggestion of slate blue sheets peek out, whenever you style your guest bed.

Those looking to jazz up a blank wall or a room already dominated by solids, however, should choose small window curtains with a pattern. Bring modern edge to a media room with plaid in shades of indigo, dark slate, and petunia purple. Or, find panels with a swirling woven-jacquard design in seafoam, gold, or light taupe. Motifs such as these add low-key sophistication to just about any room. Finally, for a rustic, vaguely autumnal quality, turn to short grommet curtains striped in pine green, chocolate, and sunset orange.

Looking to have your curtains perform on more than just an aesthetic level? Let short blackout curtains dim your home theater and eliminate any glare on the TV screen. These panels can also help reduce outside noise, as well as insulate your window pane during chilly winters or sweltering summers. If you have the opposite problem, though, sheer panels will let a little light into a drab space. Natural light is crucial, especially for any rooms below ground level!

Where else might you decorate with these diminutive panels? Short curtains for the bedroom are just perfect, if you don't want your panels falling behind the headboard. Small curtains are also an excellent choice in a spare room, where they finish the look of a window without trailing down too far. As versatile as they are convenient, shorter length curtains are the answer to all your small window decorating woes.