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Touch of Class

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People Sculptures and Figurines

People Sculptures and Figurines

Lose yourself in the lifelike details of geisha figurines, children statues, and African lady sculptures. This intriguing selection will bring a human element to your decor, whether you're decking out the den or redoing the rec room.

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Longing for a nostalgic touch in your den? Display children statues on side tables, and let lamps cast a warm glow upon depictions of kids playing with puppies or huddled together on a log. Want a classical touch near your outdoor pond? Exhibit a Greek woman sculpture for the home, her ivory skin draped in detailed folds of fabric.

    People sculptures and figurines provide a human touch that just can't be replicated with a potted plant or a cluster of candles, however lovely. If you can't seem to put your finger on the general vibe of a room, add a lively statue into the mix. Let one of these playful pieces completely transform the mood of your space.

  • Geishas: If you'd like more of an Asian influence in your decorating, a geisha figurine is definitely the way to go. Tie elements from her attire into your color palette; a pale green and lilac kimono will pick up similar colors in flowery toss pillows, for example. For added pageantry, display a geisha statue alongside a woodblock print or a vase filled with peacock feathers.

  • African Women: Garbed in beautiful gowns and bangles, these lovely ladies bring instant charm to a vignette. Showcase an African woman statue on your dressing table; the metallic jewelry encircling her neck and arms will pick up the finish of a glitzy gold perfume tray. African lady figurines also make demure additions to coffee tables topped with tortoise shell hurricanes or a few fashion books.

  • Children: Bestow a look of pure innocence on your presentation with children statues. Sporting ball caps and Peter Pan collar dresses, these boy and girl statues are finished in verdi bronze or soft beige. Situate one of these on a sofa table lined with framed pictures for a sentimental touch. Or, incorporate them into a collection of mementos, like a worn baseball glove or a treasured vase made for Mother's Day.

  • Let a realistic figurine bring life and movement into your decor, whether you need a sculpture for your yoga studio or something contemporary for the hall.