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Angels Cherubs Fairies Mermaids Sculptures and Figurines

Angels Cherubs Fairies Mermaids Sculptures and Figurines

Establish a beautiful atmosphere with angel statues, or let fairy and mermaid statues bestow a fanciful aura on your home. Browse alluring figurines and sculptures in colors from pearl to jade green.

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For a peaceful and ethereal vibe, look no further than angel statues. These winged beauties, along with cherubs, fairies, and mermaids, will grant an enchanting touch to your home.

Wondering how to incorporate these fantastical characters into your decorating? Just think about what sort of a mood you're intending to strike: is it soft and reverent? Or sprightly and mystical? Perched upon shelves and tabletops, these sculptures bestow a hint of magic on your everyday surroundings.

  • Angels: In your garden, beautiful angel statues lend a calm aspect to your surroundings. Pair outdoor angel sculptures with a garden bench and flourishing flowers for a soothing place to steal away and enjoy a quiet moment. Angels also make lovely additions to a memorial display; alongside a picture of a loved one, these statuettes cradle doves and hold bouquets, their feathered wings evoking a heavenly scene.

  • Cherubs: Vaguely Victorian in nature, a cherub statue works best amongst traditional decor. Place a sleeping cherub on your fireplace mantel, and flank it with faux ivy for a classic appearance. Or let cherubs frolic in a recessed wall niche in the hall, transforming this transitionary space into an avenue to stop and appreciate art.

  • Fairies: Opt for a truly whimsical approach with a fairy statue. These colorful figurines look splendid atop a shelf with eye-popping floral arrangements. Let fairies alight near your terrarium or frolic across a console table. Beneath an art nouveau fantasy print, these mythical maidens will convey your penchant for the supernatural.

  • Mermaids: According to legend, mermaids lured sailors with their siren song. You can similarly attract eyes with a gorgeous mermaid statue. Posed atop a bathroom wall shelf, a mermaid shelf sitter lends coastal elegance to your powder room. You can also accentuate a foyer table with a mermaid sculpture. Complement her long, sea-soaked tresses and beautiful tail with a centerpiece bowl brimming with seashells.

Showcase fantasy figurines and sculptures for an otherworldly sentiment. A mermaid could be just the piece needed to tip your decor into seaside territory, while fairies work best for a cottage setting. Finally, angel figurines and sculptures invite religious undertones into your home, as well as a profound sense of peace.