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Natural Elements Wall Art

Natural Elements Wall Art

Tree wall art, butterfly wall art and sun wall art all add a refreshing aspect to your vertical space. Delve into our natural elements wall art for dragonfly wall art, leaf wall art and other brilliant pieces.

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Nature-Themed & Tree Wall Art

Let tree wall art breathe life into your vertical vignette, and parade kaleidoscopic leaves and sinuous branches for a natural atmosphere. Or, showcase celestial sights with sun wall decor. The sun's gentle face and rippling rays will warm an entire room. Natural elements wall art incorporates nature into your decor, whether you enjoy solitary hikes through the woods or afternoons spent by the lake. Shop a variety of scenic artworks, from leaf metal wall art to birds wall plaques, and awaken an arrangement with flourishing visuals.

Think winged insects that flit about your garden or pond, and present dragonfly wall art for an enchanting air. Metal dragonfly wall art will glint and shimmer; many of these pieces are handcrafted and handpainted in delicate shades like lilac or natural earth tones. Or, captivate company with butterfly wall hangings instead. Metal butterfly wall art features vibrant wings and fantastical colors. Openwork designs, glitter accents and scrolling vines evoke a playful aura. You can even find metal and wood butterfly wall art with folksy, woodburned motifs! Charming songbird wall art will also bestow a tone of merriment on surroundings.

Scope Butterfly Wall Art, Sun Wall Decor & More

Turn your attention to the botanical with leaf wall art. These staggering sculptures remind you to slow down and appreciate the tiniest wonders of nature. Leaf branch metal wall art brandishes autumnal hues of russet, cinnabar or dark teal. On the other hand, summer sensations suffuse leaf metal wall art in verdi green, purple or pale green. Finally, step back and see the bigger picture with tree metal wall sculptures. Tree trunks peppered with gold and copper leaves will ignite your vignette, while mirrored and gold-accented leaves dazzle onlookers.

Shop our sun wall decor with faces, or revel in the peaceful quality of a pine tree wall sculpture. Bring multiple elements from nature into your home for a fresh feel.