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Lace Curtains
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Looking to soften a room filled with angular lines or even just add a hint of historical romance? Today's lace curtain panels are just the thing, whether your style trends contemporary or verges on Victorian.

Add a splash of color to your panes, or fall back on tried-and-true neutrals. White lace curtains are a classic that can fit into any home. A farmhouse kitchen looks especially authentic with an ivory-hued panel hanging over the door. Gathered off to the side for easy passage, a lace panel contrasts beautifully with galvanized metal textures in a nearby washboard or milk pail.

Prefer chalky pastels to neutrals? Introduce rose pink or wisteria purple into a room dominated by white walls and fixtures. Then, echo these pigments with a colorful piece of art hanging over the fireplace or a pair of mismatched vases in the windowsill. Try to stick to either warm tones or cooler ones to give the room a sense of harmony.

Finally, if you've a flair for the dramatic, try a pair of these drapes in deep burgundy or even black. If you're going for a moody boudoir vibe, on the other hand, these darker hues will do the trick. Pair them with a tufted leather bench in black and a damask area rug beneath the coffee table.

Airy and unobtrusive, lace works in just about any room. Hang lace kitchen curtains in an island-inspired setting for an unexpected touch. The lacework palm leaf patterns will blend seamlessly with a quirky pineapple plaque and rattan dining chairs, without making the space feel heavy-handed.

Lace is also a gorgeous addition to any living room. Find priscilla curtains that can be criss-crossed for an instantly formal feel. Keep things feeling cozy and comfortable with a throw tossed casually over the loveseat.

Whatever sort of look you're dreaming of, you're free to create with the right amount of panels and a valance or two. For example, you can hang two 84-inch long panels and then a 64-inch panel behind these to act as a sort of shade. Lace swag curtains, also known as swag valances, bring a pretty tapering shape to the top of your window ensemble.

Browse lace window curtains in a menagerie of patterns, from ornate Scottish lace to a simple ogee design. Get exactly the look you want, whether you're dressing up an industrial loft or a vintage living room.