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Grommet and Tab Top Curtains

Grommet and Tab Top Curtains

Go for a casual, modern look with tab top and grommet top curtains. With pronounced folds and a relaxed shape, these panels are perfect for a variety of decorating styles.

Choose from subtle stripes, gingham plaid, punchy florals, or even just solid colors. From cerulean blue to crisp white, you'll find colors that meld effortlessly with your room.

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What do you picture when you hear the word "curtains?" Treatments with a full gather that drape elegantly to the floor? Or perhaps something more modern? If you're in the second school, your best bet is to bypass "rod pocket" drapes altogether. Instead, bring a trim and casual silhouette to your window with tab top or grommet top curtains.

Like most new trends in home decorating, the grommet has transcended its original purpose, going from shower curtain to window-worthy. So, it only makes sense that grommet panels lend an unexpected and innovative touch to your surroundings.

You can find solid color panels in hues of sage green, garnet red, or latte. Or, you can perk up a flat-looking space with something more dynamic, like ogee prints, contemporary stripes, or even tropical leaves. These panels are as versatile as they are trendy, so they look right at home in your eclectic loft or island-inspired bedroom.

Trying to pull an informal element into your living room? How about an easy-going ambience for your shabby chic home? Tab top drapes look especially free-spirited, whether adorned in paisley prints or bohemian medallions. These panels add an air of spontaneity to your surroundings. Cap it all off with some offbeat artwork and a plush, feel-good rug beneath your toes.

Customize your room even further, right down to the lighting itself. For example, maybe your room receives too much light at sundown. Here, you can spring for tab top or grommet panels with room-darkening or blackout properties. These are perfect for getting a little extra shut-eye on the weekends or even just enjoying a movie without a glare on the screen.

After you've considered construction, figure out which length you'll need. It's important to assess the room you're decorating—like the bathroom, where grommet curtains 63" in length won't get underfoot. Similarly, boost the living room with panels 84" in length, which just skim the floor on most windows. You can go even longer with 95" and above, for those with tall windows.

A final note: don't forget about your outdoor rooms! If you're looking to soften the look of a gazebo or your patio, then outdoor grommet curtains are your best bet. These are designed to withstand the elements better than their indoor counterparts. So whether you need some added privacy outside or just a laid-back look indoors, turn to tab top and grommet window curtains for an easy and stylish solution.