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Love and Family Sculptures and Figurines
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Celebrate love and togetherness with a family sculpture; on a coffee table in your family room, a heartfelt statuette provides a visual reminder of what's most important. Or, complement a wall of wedding pictures with couple figurines. Lovers locked in tender embraces convey the timelessness of love, especially when displayed alongside a dried wedding bouquet or photo album.

    Artwork adds interest to family vacation pictures, a wedding portrait, or any of your personal displays. Bring a loving context to your presentation, as well as some new colors to work into your decor.

  • Romantic Sculptures: Ideal for sofa tables and bedroom dressers, these emotive figurines come in traditional and contemporary styles, plus everything in between. Find a sculpture featuring intertwined hearts or tenderly clasping hands. On a sleek table surrounded by a posh sectional, a modern romantic sculpture looks chic yet profound.

  • Couple Sculptures: Find a more concrete representation of your love in couple figurines. A bronze-finished man drapes his arms around a woman in a flowing, cypress green dress. Situated on a console table below your photos, this statuette will heighten an amorous arrangement. Or, top a pedestal with a swan sculpture, and complete your vignette with a custom print of your wedding vows.

  • Family Sculptures: Make everyone feel even more welcome with family artwork depicting interlocked figures. The lack of facial details is a stylistic choice, imparting a contemporary essence as well as the freedom to determine "who's who" in the piece. Mother daughter statues, expectant mother sculptures, and more look lovely on your fireplace mantel, bookshelf, or even a wall niche.

Honor love of all kinds with this heartwarming selection of sculptures. With finishes from ivory to multi-pastel, your new artwork will blend seamlessly with any room.