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Bath Rugs and Lid Covers

Bath Rugs and Lid Covers

Bathroom rugs and lid covers will soften your aesthetic. Whether you're searching for a seashell bath rug or even a floral print mat, these floor coverings will make a splash in shades of navy, tan, burgundy and more.

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Bathroom Rugs & Lid Covers for a Palatial Powder Room

Bathroom rugs and lid covers will layer cold surfaces with warm textures and ornamental motifs. With elegant bath rugs and mats, you can cushion your exit from the tub or shower and provide a little visual interest to the bathroom floor. Enhance a flowery theme, and match a floral bath rug to window tiers featuring blossom motifs. Soft pigments and delicate petals evoke a relaxing atmosphere in your powder room. For more of a beachy influence, however, you can bring seashell-shaped rugs and mats into your bathroom decorating. Dip into our wide collection of decorative bath rugs, and arrive at a style, size and color that will boost your bathing area.

Whether your washroom features deep, luscious pigments or light and chalky pastels, rely on a bath rug to heighten your existing color scheme. Pinpoint a decorative contour bath rug that will fill the floor space beneath your toilet; solid shades of plum, sterling blue, midnight or even almond will add allure to blank tiles or linoleum. Plus, find matching bath mats and toilet lid covers to coordinate with your contour rug. Other options include anything from navy blue rugs to rose pink lid covers.

Toilet Lid Covers & Bath Mats

Lend a soft touch to the floor with our plush bath rugs and mats. Enhance your coastal style with a seashell bath rug; nautilus and scallop shells create a fun, whimsical look right in line with a day at the beach. Floral bath rugs and mats will shower your floors with lavender petals and pink blooms. Paired with bright potpourri or a floral arrangement, your bathroom decor will look positively rejuvenating. Other bathroom rugs include bamboo floor runners and teak bath mats, as well as solid color or leopard print bath mats.

Pick bath rugs to match an existing ensemble, or design your room around a striking color or motif present in your bath mat. For a plush and eye-catching accent, bedeck your powder room with cotton bath rugs, memory foam bath mats and much more.