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Home Accents

Home Accents

Complete any room with centerpiece vases, handblown glass lamps, modern abstract sculptures, and so much more. Home accessories for the living room to the bedroom give your surroundings a finished look. Complement your style exactly, whether you're a traditionalist or have an eye for the eclectic.

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You've picked out the perfect table for your entryway and arranged your sofa and chairs artfully atop an area rug that really pulls your living room together. But your home still seems to be missing something. After you've got your furniture and other essentials situated in just the right spots, pick out home accents to complete the look. After all, what is an end table without a stunning lamp, or a pedestal without a shapely vase?

  • Living Room Accessories: Section off this spacious room into a series of vignettes, like a sitting area, reading nook, or photograph table. Centerpiece vases offer a finishing touch to coffee tables without cluttering up a vital surface to rest drinks or books. Pick out an ivory ceramic vase adorned with songbirds, butterflies, and flowering branches. Hints of gold and green can then be carried over to a rug in coordinating hues just below your table.

    Also browse interesting statues for sale, when your room could use a more artistic touch. A tall angel sculpture, her hands folded in prayer, would look lovely near the fireplace hearth. Top your mantel with an inspiring Bible verse on a wooden plaque to highlight this reverent atmosphere. If you're searching for something more abstract, however, find a pair of charcoal black figures sitting side-by-side in a contemporary shelf sculpture. Add a small terrarium or a slim stack of books to this floating shelf for an on-trend accent.

    Whether you're decorating a reading nook or simply a place to linger and gaze out the window, you'll want a comfy, well-lit place to while away a lazy afternoon. Find a charming drawing room decoration in a graphic throw pillow or a black floor lamp. The acanthus details on the latter lend themselves beautifully to carved bookcases or dark, upholstered chairs patterned with leafy flourishes.

  • Bedroom Decorations: If nothing else, your bedroom decor should reflect your personal tastes and help you feel more at ease. After all, it's your own little retreat that you can decorate to your heart's content, without having to account for constant foot traffic. Shop spare room and master bedroom decor alike for simple accessories and statement pieces.

    A pink table lamp may not be everyone's cup of tea, but in your Victorian-inspired bedroom, it adds an enchanting element. Go for a handblown glass lamp that looks like the old oil replicas of yesteryear, or top your nightstand with a Dale Tiffany lamp featuring stained art glass lilies.

    Besides unusual table lamps, you can also bring interest to a space with a decorative box for the dresser. Filled with your earrings or other small personal effects, a box shaped like an Eastern pagoda-style temple adds Oriental charm while cutting back on clutter. Otherwise, line a deep headboard shelf with LED candles for a romantic look without the fire hazard.

Home accents for your foyer, kitchen table, or dining room go a long way toward making your house feel more finished. Finally capture a polished presentation with just the right piece.