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Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and Drapes

Have your pick of drapes in a stylish span of colors, including blue, cream, white, and silver curtains. Available in popular lengths like 63", 84", and 95", these window treatments grant a custom look without the price tag. Spring for woven jacquard, faux silk, or pure cotton with embroidery, plaid, or damask accents.

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Your drapes have seen better days, and it's time to shake up your look. But where to even begin? Should you go for a heavier material, like woven-jacquard polyester, to lend a look of sophistication to your living room? Or do you want to wake up each morning to dainty cotton curtains framing your bedroom window? What about valances, curtain rods? Luckily, picking out new drapes doesn't have to be overwhelming, if you just break it down into a series of simple design choices.

Color is an excellent starting point. Silver curtains, for example, look positively chic in a room with soft, pewter-colored walls. Work in hints of purple with a framed print on a wall ledge nearby, or try your hand at the mixed metallics trend with bronze toss pillows for the sofa. If you want to make a splash, however, you might pick corduroy curtains in sienna rose red, or faux silk in soft lavender. Finally, you can't go wrong with a pair of living room drapes in solid white. It's just the sort of classic touch that works wonders alongside, say, a crossed leg table topped with a vase of freshly-picked blooms.

Another consideration that most decorators start with is size. Browse drapes for sale as short as 45" all the way up to 120" in length. If you're looking to update a kitchen or bathroom, 63" lengths are perfect because they only hang to the sill on most windows. Curtains for living room windows, on the other hand, are generally 84" to 95" in length and just skim the floor. It's definitely worth checking out your windows beforehand, just to make sure you're selecting the right size. This is generally done by measuring from where you'll mount your curtain rod down to where you'd like your curtain to end.

Finally, decide whether you'd like to play with patterns or stick to solids. Damask curtains offer a vintage ambience only strengthened by an old European-style rug and perhaps a few decorative finials lining the fireplace mantel. But if you're shooting for serene coastal style, seashell-patterned drapes might be more your speed. Ivory and tan shells on an aqua background complement similar colors in the room, such as those found in a weathered beach sign.

But what if you're searching for something more low-key? Unique curtains fashioned from bamboo will bring zen flair to a traditional space. Add in a white floor vase filled with lighted cherry blossom branches to fill out an empty corner. Otherwise, bask in the simplicity of tab top window panels in solid shades of burgundy, medium blue, or sage green. These muted neutrals will work with most other colors, so you don't have to overhaul upholstery or pick new bed linens just to create a cohesive look.

With assorted styles and lengths at your disposal, Touch of Class is definitely the best place to buy curtains for any room. Finally play up that Southwest-inspired den, or let your home office shine with windows garbed in brilliant aqua or midnight blue.