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Floral and Botanical Canvas Wall Art

Floral and Botanical Canvas Wall Art

Flower canvas art and floral canvas sets abound in this section. Peruse our floral and botanical canvas wall art for roses, cherry blossoms and magnolias on triptychs, two-piece sets and single canvases.

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Flower Canvas Art for Your Walls

Flower canvas art will greet you with artistic renditions of beautiful blossoms. Play up a floral print daybed cover in your guest room with a canvas set, and keep this often smaller room feeling light and airy. Or, echo your window treatments with floral canvas prints depicting similar shades, and impart a sense of unity on your space. Find two-piece, three-piece and even four-piece canvas sets that add a graceful touch to a blank wall. Floral triptychs and standalone canvases are also major sources of beauty in your bedroom, study or foyer.

If you're partial to Asian decorating influences, invest in cherry blossom canvas art. Blushing blooms adorn dark brown branches and invite a calming ambience into any area. Or, instill positive vibes in your living room with orchid canvas art instead. Handpainted orchids in purple and white will grant some delicate charm to a garden-inspired area. You can evoke Eastern styles as well with a two-piece canvas set portraying red orchids in teal vases. From magnolias to hydrangeas, select canvas wall art that includes your favorite flower, and tailor your wall decor to your own unique tastes.

Shop Elegant Floral Canvas Prints

For a truly romantic atmosphere, choose rose canvas wall art. Detailed close-ups of rose blooms in colors like pink, apricot, light cream and yellow will imbue your environment with amorous overtones. Or, revitalize your vertical vignette with splashy pigments like russet red, medium blue and dark coral. Finally, if you're after a more subdued palette, bronze and silver as well as brown and beige exude sophistication.

Shop our floral canvas prints and canvas art for blossomy refinement. Two-piece canvas sets and flower triptychs allow for a pretty presentation, while our standalone canvas art provides a single point of focus. Find a composition that becomes your room, whether you're sprucing up an entryway or your family room.