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Shower Curtains & Hooks

Shower Curtains & Hooks

Find shower curtain hooks shaped like butterflies or shells, and pick out a coordinating curtain with tropical prints, pine cones, or even old-fashioned lacework. Capture exactly the mood you're going for with one of these lovely, cascading accents in white, tan, blue, and many more colors.

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Beyond adding privacy and helping to keep floors dry, shower curtains provide a great avenue for making a big design statement. Need to curb competing patterns in the bathroom? Hang up a curtain in solid white or beige, and tone down a busy space. Conversely, throw a large-scale pattern into the mix, if your bath lacks visual interest.

Bath curtains have a wide surface area for displaying your favorite designs or a soothing color. Think of it as a blank canvas, a way to hit your surroundings with a truly transformative touch!

It might not be the most obvious room, but your bathroom should be filled with little hints of who you are, from the joke book beside the commode to the DIY potpourri on your vanity. Portray a bubbly personality with a ruffled shower curtain. Paired with a light and feminine mirror over the sink, these curtains exude old-fashioned romance.

If it's a more eclectic look you're after, however, just toss a graphic print rug to the side of your tub, and choose a ruffled fabric in bold red or orange. Curtains like these work with multiple themes, so don't feel confined to just one style!

You also can't go wrong with classic white shower curtains. Whether riddled with ruffles or fashioned from lace, these lovely panels evoke vintage vibes, in the right setting. Just scoot a tufted chair under your vanity for a nostalgic tone. For the final touch, hang a series of retro fashion illustrations all around your mirror.

Or, create an atmosphere every bit as refreshing as a crisp mountain morning. Rustic shower curtains feature pine cones, moose, bears, or even foliage. If you really want to get crafty, thrift an old washboard you can hang on the wall or lean on a shelf above.

But say you want to bring a bit more color into your decorating. Floral shower curtains are versatile, allowing you to create a flirtatious space or even a transitional one. Sink your toes into a plush fluffy rug when you exit the bath for an amorous aura. Or, bring in modern elements with a quirky sculpture displayed proudly on a nearby etagere.

Finally, be sure to check if your chosen curtain has coordinating shower curtain hooks. They often mimic the design of the curtain itself, creating a put-together look that just can't be beat!